Not believing how fast time flies…

Corban will be 3 months tomorrow.  Almost every day I think to myself, he isn’t far from…and I fill in the blank with some new thing babies do in the first year of their life.  Hard to believe. We are loving the stage he is in now.  He is just so darn adorable!  One night (about 3 weeks ago or so…yeah, i know it’s taken me forever to post this!) I got him laughing, and we caught some on video.  He does a lot of this these days.

We haven’t gone yet for his 3 month appointment, although we did have to go to the Dr. this past week due to a bit of a fever and a few other things.  He’s good now it seems.  He weighs right around 14lbs, and I have no clue how that measures up to most 3 month olds.  One thing I do miss a little bit is going to the Dr. and having all of his stats be in pounds and inches instead of kilos and centimeters.  I feel like I’ve never know in these past 3 months just exactly how big or how long he is.  Oh well…not the end of the world…just something I miss a little from the States.

Corban sleeps really well, he generally eats ok, although there are times when I think he needs more (he doesn’t seem to think so…hah), and he just loves his big sister.  Cailyn continues to be great with him.  She has become quite the helper and distraction in critical moments.  I like that.

3 months

So, we press on in hopes of being the kind of parents we need to be to this sweet little one and his sister.  We feel so blessed that God chose us as their parents!

Thanksgiving this week…unbelievable!  We are looking forward to having our team over for some good ‘ol American food!!!  Then, just a few weeks till family visits for Christmas!


5 responses to “Not believing how fast time flies…

  1. Great video! He is becoming more and more handsome. His skin seems to be kind of light complected…not sure how I feel about that…:)
    Love to you guys. Looking forward to spending Christmas together.

  2. Aww! I love it. I miss Andrew’s laugh/snort that he had going on at that age. He’s so beautiful! Congrats. I wish it didn’t fly by so fast. We must enjoy it while we can.

  3. Corban is beautiful and I just loved the video; brightens my day! Children are such a blessing. You two are such blessings to your children as well. God knew what He was doing when He gave you Cailyn and Corban; never doubt the great plans He has for you and your two and that He is right there with each of you! May God continue to bless you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. love, love, love the video………….i just want to jump in the video and give him a great big hug with lots of kisses!! can’t wait to see y’all! nana

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