Theme Parks, 12 weeks (almost), and our Team…

Last Sunday we went with our street guard, Jose, and his family to a small theme park near his home.  It had merry-go-rounds, ball pits, a mini zoo, paddle boats, cotton candy, caramel apples, playgrounds, and a ton more that we didn’t even get to see.  We met Jose, Maribel, and their baby, Josias, at their house, and then we walked to his family’s house to meet up with Jose’s sister, her 2 yr. old daughter, Patricia, a friend of Jose’s sister, and Jose’s mom.  Then, we took another bus to the park.  We really enjoyed our time, and Cailyn had a great time.  We are very happy to be getting to know this family more.  Here are some pictures of our time together.

Cailyn and Patricia…we don’t really have any pictures of both of them looking



this next picture is all of us (minus justin, mark c., and jose’s mom) on the see-saws in the playground areas


DSC_0198 These pictures aren’t the best, but I still wanted to put a


picture on here so you would know their faces…

<—–  Jose and Josias (he’s in the baby carrier under the blanket)

Maribel, Josias’s mom ——>

So, we had a great time.  Please continue to pray for this couple and their baby.  Josias is 2 months old tomorrow, and Jose has come to Justin recently to ask for advice on what to do when it comes to teaching Josias about God.  Jose claims to be a Christian, but he does not attend any church as of now, and Maribel is a Buddhist.  Justin had a good conversation with Jose today, and we are praying that it might lead to some Bible study between the two of them as well as a chance for Jose to begin conversations with Maribel about his desires to teach Josias the Truth.



Wow.  How can it be.  Corban will be 12 weeks old this Sunday.  I feel like the last couple of weeks have brought about a more active Corban.  He is just the cutest thing, and he continues to be such a Joy!  He has started to suck on his hands a TON, he still loves, loves, loves his paci, although we haven’t had any issues with him waking up because it falls out (praise God!), and he is laughing often these days.  He pretty much goes to bed between 8 and 9pm, and I generally have to feed him once in the night still.  He wakes up smiling…so fun.

This was a Christmas gift to Cailyn for her first Christmas from her Grandpa Luke and Grandma Shannon,

so Corban can use it now…so nice, because he loves to be checking everything out these days…


i love this next picture, because it captures a typical face we see these days when Corban is cooing and “talking” to us…


sidenote about Cailyn:

We did some Thanksgiving-type crafts today, and I was impressed to see that she could cut out the fruit I drew on some foam paper for her cornucopia with great precision (at least for a 2.5  yr. old).  I guess all of that cutting has proven to be good practice after all.


here she is with the final product…the only thing i cut for her was the actual cornucopia…impressive, right?



The Fletchers are Here!

On November 10th, the Fletchers flew in from Houston to Lima, and we are all so glad to have them here.  This is the first time in a while that our team has lived all in the same town.  So, we’re glad to be sharing the same general zip code these days.  There are definitely some things that we have done when it comes to meeting Peruvians and sharing our faith, but with the Fletchers here, our team can begin to truly work on moving forward with our goals for our time in Peru.  Praise God!  Here is a link to some recent family pictures the Fletchers had taken by Hannah Vickers, a friend and wonderful photographer of theirs in Abilene, Texas.  I just thought I would share them since they include sweet baby Liam.


4 responses to “Theme Parks, 12 weeks (almost), and our Team…

  1. i notice cailyn is cutting with her right hand, ummm…it looks great and i’m so happy she enjoys her table time you set up for her. i can’t wait to just sit and hold corban!!! so adorable!!

  2. I dont care which hand she cuts with as long as we keep getting great pics! What a great group of pics and stories to go with them. Mom and I are looking forward to our 2nd sojourn to the southern hemisphere!!! love you guys, daddyO

  3. Cailyn needs to come over and teach my kids how to use scissors…we are not so talented/interested yet in that area. Had fun with you today…thanks for coming!! Talk to you soon.

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