Thankful, and learning to be more Thankful

Well, I am sorry to say that all of the pictures taken of our Thanksgiving day were with everyone else’s cameras except ours. So, I’ll work on that.

Warning:  I am going to sort of complain/be vulnerable before I then share some more positive feelings…just so you know…haha.

I could not be more thankful for so many things, and yet, I did find myself having a complaining spirit in some moments of my Thanksgiving day. I don’t want to use the excuse that I was away from my normal holiday surroundings, and yet, I do feel like that is why some of my day was difficult. I recently read on a friend’s blog that her joy came (in the past) from cooking with family, and this year she found herself cooking alone…not as fun, obviously. Well, except for Justin that is sort of what I did. Our day started out a little stressful, but then we made our way to a park for our team’s first annual Turkey Trot. John Mark was our race coordinator, and he did a great job.  We ran/walked around a 2.5 mile (i think, at least) track, and it was honestly really fun.  You can check out a picture (of most of us…haha) on the Fletcher’s blog…I think we were too big of a group for the camera in that moment. Anyway, that was fun. Then, we came home, and I cooked. We did a pot-luck style dinner as a team, so I didn’t have to cook everything. Justin did our turkey (and he did a great job!), and I made stuffing and some desserts.

Sidenote: Justin bought our turkey at a local grocery store here, and he did everything to it himself. When he went to pull out the parts we didn’t need, he found himself thinking, “man, the neck is sorta hard to get out.” Come to find out, it was because this was attached at the other end…

can I just say…DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that was a bit traumatizing for a few moments, and I’m pretty sure that face is going to haunt me for some time…haha.  Needless to say, Justin was a bit grossed out, too.  But…he had enough guts to continue on with the process of preparing the turkey…something I honestly probably would not have been able to do!

Anyway, the day was not extremely eventful except for the fact that we were in the kitchen making food for our meal for most of the day.  By 5:30pm, all of our teammates were at our house, including Kelly Davidson, John Mark’s dad.  From then on, our evening was great.  The food was wonderful, we all got stuffed, we had the treat of each (almost) getting to drink a Dr.Pepper, the kids played well, good old slingbox provided us with the A&M football game, and we had some great conversation.  We were also blessed to receive a TON of wonderful notes of encouragement and holiday greetings from members at the A&M Church of Christ that had been sent with Kelly D.  If you go there, are reading this, and sent us a not…THANK YOU!  I LOVED reading all of them, and it was honestly so encouraging.  Honestly.  So…then we got in bed late that night, and our day for sure ended well.

Then…we woke up Friday morning.  It for sure didn’t feel like it was still the holiday.  Nobody here takes the day off, traffic was normal, I actually went to the gym (who does that during Thanksgiving?!), and we honestly only had like 1 plate full of leftovers from the night before.  Sad, I know.  Justin admitted to me late Friday that he had been sort of sulking all day because he was sad we didn’t have leftovers.  I had to agree I was in the same boat.  By the way, I completely know that this sounds so incredibly snobby, but it’s just how it was.  It was sort of hard that Thanksgiving had passed and it had been about 4 hours of goodness…and that was it.  You know…we just missed the feeling of having your whole week…or at least half of it…feel like you were getting a break from work to see family, stuff your face, play games, go to the movies, etc.  So…lesson learned.  Make next year feel more like a holiday – however that’s possible.

So, we’re on to Christmas now, I guess.  We do have family coming to see us, and we are so blessed to be able to look forward to that.  Please, please pray, though, for our teammates who will be missing their family members this Christmas.  It’s just so easy to let Satan steal your joy when you begin to think of the things you miss, want, can’t do…etc.  Please pray that we can learn to be joyful despite missing some of the things we are used to.  Please pray that we can have fun making new traditions, and that we can help one another feel loved around the holidays the way our families would.  Despite the time we’ve spent together as a team, it doesn’t always feel the same as being with family.  Just different.  Thanks.

Ok, so now I want to (well, need to for my own sanity…haha) list some of the things I am thankful for.  Here it goes:


1. A husband that would volunteer to cook our turkey!

2. My two adorable, loveable, kissable children.

3. Teammates who can cook!

4. People who think of us and show their support by sending cards and packages, saying prayers, and keeping in touch with us.

5. Our amazing supporting church, Fairlane Church of Christ.

6. Wonderful, wonderful family.

7. The ability to get a good manicure and pedicure together for $15 JUST around the corner from my house!

8. My team sisters…Stacy, Tara, and Stephanie…oh, how I could not get by without them (oh…we got manis and pedis today!)

9. A husband who loves me and desires to be with me.

10. Skype…for calling family and friends through our computer.

11. Our house…we just love it.

12. Our peruvian friends…as well as those we hope to become better friends with.

13. The fact that there are small stores only the next street over from my house.  Makes grabbing those things you forgot you needed until the last minute more feasible!

14. Reality that Christmas is nearly here!

15. Jesus’ love and saving grace in my life!


5 responses to “Thankful, and learning to be more Thankful

  1. Thank you for your spirit of thanksgiving! And for the most perplexing photo I’ve ever seen in my life- what a brave husband you have to battle that glaring turkey! I cannot stop looking at the picture! You’ll never forget this Thanksgiving for multiple reasons! 🙂 Blessings!

  2. we are still laughing and making faces at the turkey. justin, you are such a trooper. all of you were definitely missed!! we spoke of you so many times to the grassie and they probably feel they know you by now!! so glad that you feel you can lay your feelings out and so be thankful at the same time. God is always growing you!!! love, mom

  3. I love that you guys prepared your own turkey. We just went with rotisserie chickens. I concluded that the holidays will never be the same, and I will always really miss family, but I am most thankful to have family to miss.

    How exciting! I am happy to hear that you will have family for Christmas. My parents are coming the end of January. That time can’t get here fast enough.

    Ana’s visa is in. We will probably be making a trip to your neck of the woods the first part of January. Tell everyone hello from us.

  4. i would of passed out if i had pulled out the turkey with the head attached. yikes. You sort of forget that you are actually eating an animal…until you see its FACE!!! That might of converted me to a vegetarian for life.

    Thankful for each of you!

  5. Thank you for your honesty, I know it can be hard to share at times. I too can relate to a ‘very differnt Thanksgiving’ this year. Not only have Jason and I delt with getting used to sharing holidays with each family (we alternate), we celebrated Thanksgiving this year just the two of us and our farm (our dogs had 8 puppies this past month which kept us from traveling). It was a wonderful weekend, but still so different. Satan does try so hard to bring us down, but I keep asking God to make me focused on Him. I have so much to be thankful for! I too hope I can stop focusing on what is different and embrace each moment. I know God will help me grow. You have been an encouragement to me; thank you for sharing!

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