We had a BaBy!! **3 wks ago**

I laughed with my mom the other day about the fact that I had not even announced here on our blog that Carter was born!  I think once I made a photo album of our pictures on facebook that I just equated that with “it’s been announced”, so here I am to finally change that!

Carter was born!

He was born August 10, 2012 (10 days early…praise God), he weighed 8 lbs. 3 (maybe 4?) oz. (i know…terrible that I’m not sure on that), and he was 20.5″ long.  Just perfect in every way!

Justin happened to have gotten up super early on Thursday morning (aug. 9th), and he went to bed that night at like 8:30pm.  Before he went to bed he joked with me that he would really appreciate it if I didn’t have our baby that night since he needed like a good 9 hours of sleep to recover.  We both chuckled at the thought, and I was nearly certain we were still days from seeing our newborn.

Once Friday morning hit, we were both out of bed by about 6am trying to get showered and ready to take the two older ones to school and then get to my 38+ week appointment with my Dr. by 9:30am.  I am SO glad I had an appointment that day, because otherwise I would have been looking pretty rough (in exercise clothes most likely) when I showed up to have my baby.  But, God is good, and since I had my appointment I was all showered, shaved, and smelling nice instead (haha).

After my shower I noticed some not normal amounts of fluids going on (trying not to be overly informational here), and after a couple of those experiences I came out from getting ready and told Justin I thought we better pick up a tad around the house as well as take a hospital bag with us.  I have an awesome husband, because by the time we left our house at 7:30am, the entire place was nearly spotless, and our bags were packed!  I was a happy woman minus the fact that I felt like I was peeing my pants with every step (hah!).  **as a sidenote, I had also just gone 2 days before (wednesday) for a pedicure hoping it would last until the baby’s birth and the day before (thursday) had been completely dedicated to purchasing most of the rest of the birthday party supplies I needed for the kids’ party I was hoping to have on August 18th (assuming I wasn’t having a baby).  God was very gracious to me.  I not only got my errands done, but we even got to have the kids’ party on the date that seemed the only realistic date to have it seeing as I had waited so long to throw it!

After leaving the house I told Justin I was nearly 100% sure the baby was going to be born that day, but since I was still not in any pain I told him we should just go ahead and make the hour long trip it takes us (yes, you read that right) to drop both kids off at their 2 different schools.  We told them that probably one of their Tíos or Tías (uncles/aunts…our teammates here) would pick them up from school because it looked like the baby was going to be born that day, and they were both cool with that.  After a couple of questions, they both seemed to think that it was about time to see some action after all of those months!

We finished dropping them off by 8:50am, and since my appointment was not till 9:30am, we chose to park in the parking lot and walk a couple of stores down to the Starbucks so Justin could get some coffee.  I was still feeling fairly normal, but I did find myself having to take shorter strides for fear I might completely soak my clothes.  That would not have been cool.

We ordered his coffee and a fruit cup for me (why did I not think to eat anything more?!  like a couple of huge starbucks muffins or something?), and we sat down for a bit.  Justin called his mom (I had called my parents already as well), and we also tried to inform our teammates so that we would in fact have someone to pick up our kids from school like we’d told them.  After about 20 minutes I told Justin that I had to use the restroom, but I was certainly not keen on having my entire water break in the Starbucks bathroom, so he suggested we walk back over to the Clinic.  That was probably his best idea of the day, because once we’d walked there and told them I was in labor, gotten to the 3rd floor, and been shown to a room my pants were…how do I say this?…SOAKED.  You know how you might see in the movies a woman’s water break and it goes all over.  Well, that happened to me.  They even offered for me to sit down in the waiting area so they could get our room ready, but I knew we didn’t have the money to add “new couch for the waiting area” to our bill once the baby was born…so I opted to just stand there awkwardly until I could change into a gown.  The gown was certainly a welcomed clothing change!

The rest of the day really pretty much went smoothly.  They monitored me, we caught some of the Olympics (Justin more than me seeing as I was breathing through contractions), and then at 3pm I was being wheeled to the delivery room.  I type it as if it were all a breeze, but of course it wasn’t QUITE that easy. 🙂

The way they do epidurals here is that they inject some of the anesthetic into you, but you are not hooked to a drip with it in there, so it eventually wears off.  This is what I did not realize when I had Corban, which is why my delivery with him was such a surprise (aka…I was BAWLing my eyes out from the intensity of the experience of the actual delivery…both joy-filled and shocking).  This time I was more mentally prepared for the intensity of it all as I actually delivered Carter (like I did with Corban) without any drugs.  The entire experience was a bit more familiar.  The fact that I was pushed in my bed through the lobby where anyone and everyone comes for their appointments (not super private…haha), the fact that Justin was sent another direction to get his scrubs on leaving me semi-alone as my body shook and as I breathed and prayed through my pain in those last moments, and the fact that the doctors only bring Justin in at the last minute (leaving me to think I might deliver without him there!) was all something I had done once before.  This time I knew what was coming, I knew the differences I would experience here as opposed to my delivery of Cailyn in the U.S., and I knew what prayers I would say over and over as my body snapped into “it’s time to deliver the baby mode”.  I was ready this time, and I praise God for that.

To be honest, I thought we would have a girl (well, more like I wanted a girl…it wasn’t like my instincts were telling me it was a girl or anything).  And to be even more honest, my very first thought when they said, “Varón!!” (which really means “man”, but they were telling me it was a boy) was “well…so much for using all of those adorable little girl clothes we have”.  Now, really.  Why would that be my first thought?  It’s so *not* what you’d think a mother who’s just given birth would think.  BUT…then they let me hold him, and of course the girl clothes were the farthest thing from my mind. 🙂

Even though mom didn’t fly in until Saturday night, our teammates were amazing to us and we had so much help.  They did everything from take our kids for us, feed them, and give them naps to things like sleep in our home with the kids for 2 days, make us meals, and bring me yummy treats in the hospital.  We could not do things like have babies (small things, you know…haha) in this country if it weren’t for our wonderful team.

Here are a few pictures of our days at the hospital…

This is me humoring Justin and his camera…



Skyping with daddyO once we came home from the hospital…





3 responses to “We had a BaBy!! **3 wks ago**

  1. I’m so behind on my blog commenting!! Congratulations on the new sweet addition to your family!! He looks precious. Hope you are all settling into your new normal as a family of five! And I’m so glad you were able to make the party happen before his arrival!!

  2. Congrats on another gorgeous, perfect baby! What a tiny, precious blessing!
    (Oh, and as a sidenote….As someone who loves not finding out the gender of babies and remembering how much you anticipate the moment they are born and you finally know…..it made me laugh to think of them essentially saying, “It’s a MAN!” when we has born! hahaha)

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