Final weeks as a family of 4…

Well, we’re about 2 weeks or less from becoming a family of 5.  My mom flies here on Saturday, so we’re busy doing things like making sure the shower she’s going to use has hot water.  You know…{insert sarcastic tone} normal stuff.  We also have someone coming tomorrow to paint all of our rooms.  What?  Yes…we’re trying to get that done before the baby (and mom, apparently) gets here.  I am so terribly bad at decorating and all of that, that I plan to have my talented teammate, Tara, come and basically tell me help me decide what color we should paint our living/dining area.  But, that will have to wait till…maybe next week. (hah)

In the meantime, the kids had their middle of the year 2 week vacation from their schools, and we had a great time…sleeping in, not rushing around to get them to and from school, doing fun activities in our school room, going to the zoo, etc.  It was 100% what I needed.  I was feeling a bit run down from having to wake up so early every morning and get the kids off to school, and besides that, our mornings that we have to take the kids to school are typically stressful and not full of much peace.  Cailyn is S…L…O…W at, well…life, basically.  So the fact that we have to wake her up and get her to go quickly enough at getting ready for school and eating breakfast to catch a bus with Justin is just plain impossible sometimes.  Corban, on the other hand, pops right out of bed at the first sign of life in the house.  He’s generally easy when it comes to getting ready to go anywhere.  Our family NEEDED those 2 weeks of rest.  But, as of yesterday, it’s back to the daily groove of traffic to school, a rushed lunch time when they get out, and straight off to a nap/quiet time once they’ve eaten. .  I just keep telling myself.  Mom gets here Saturday, Mom gets here Saturday, Mom gets here Saturday. 🙂

In all honesty, we love both of their schools, and so do they.  If we didn’t, it would be very hard to keep up the schedule we have.  And, since I’m sort of going on and on right now about things that apparently get to me…another one of those things is that NOTHING HERE OPENS TILL LIKE 11am…why?!?!?!?!  By the time I get to a store or go and run errands, it’s time to pick the kids up again.  That’s why I loved our 2 week vacation.  Sometimes we didn’t get out to do anything till 11am, but we didn’t have to rush around trying to get our errands run in an hour.  Lord help us all.

ANYWAY.  I’m going to move on.  This post is really supposed to just be about some of the random things we’ve been up to.  I have lots of pictures, so get ready!

Just a random sister/brother picture…

Justin and the kids went to Cusco for a Missionary Retreat a few weeks ago.  I stayed home due to being fairly big pregnant and not wanting to push it too much (or have a baby in Cusco for that matter).  They had a great time seeing other missionary friends we have in Cusco and some from Arequipa, Peru.  The Aggies for Christ from College Station came as well for a month to help our team out here in Lima, and their first week in Peru consisted of them putting on a VBS for all of our missionary kids while the adults enjoyed some great adult time together at the retreat.  I hated to miss out on all of that, but I was super thankful that my awesome husband offered to fly there and take both kids with him so they wouldn’t miss out, too!

Here are a couple of Cusco pics.  Those designs on Cailyn’s face aren’t traditional face paintings from Cusco or anything, they’re just stickers she chose to put all over her face out of her Melissa and Doug sticker set.  Just in case you were wondering. 🙂

As I mentioned before, the kids were off of school for a couple of weeks.  This vacation time comes around the time of the Peruvian Independence Day, so Corban’s school had a small dance performance with some Peruvian dances.  He was seriously into it, and we got such a kick out of watching him.  We were supposed to send him in a button-down shirt, and for some reason I understood it needed to be white (since white and red are Peru’s colors and all).  Well, when we showed up to watch him, he had this other button-down on, it was huge on him, and it was like half tucked in.  Apparently I wasn’t supposed to send him in white…it just had to be a cute button-down.  So, he borrowed one from a school friend who has a bit more meat on his bones than Corban does. 🙂  One of my teammates laughed with me later and said, “Doesn’t it seem like it’s always us Americans who seem to get the wrong memo about what our kids need to wear, what snack to send, or what day the party is?”  Honestly…that is so true.

Anyway, you can see below that he was super pumped about being in his show, and I added a short video after the pictures that is from the middle of the show.  He looks unsure at first, but that’s just because he didn’t have a partner to twirl with.  Wait for it, and you’ll see just how much he got into it…

Proud mom!

The rest of our vacation was full of fun, relaxing stuff.  In case you’re wondering, our kids did enjoy a little extra “screen” time as well…they were only slightly drawn in by some of their favorite cartoons and a few new movies…

Then, we went to the Zoo as well.  Now, I know I have a ton of pictures from the zoo, but I just couldn’t help but share all of the many poses that our Cailyn comes up with…in all seriousness.

Corban is in LOVE with animals and the Zoo…

The sea lion was amazing.  It swam all around for us, and the kids loved it.   I think Justin and I did, too…nearly as much as the kids!

Of course we had to stop for some popcorn…

At these next two pictures, this was our family conversation that went on:

Cailyn: “Mommy, didn’t you ride one of these big turtles when you were little?!”

Me: “Yes, I did.  I guess you remember your Honey telling you about that, huh?!” (I did feel a little cool getting to say I had done that…haha)

Upon stopping at the next animal, little brother, Corban, in true Corban fashion (has to talk about the same things, ask the same things, do the same things as Cailyn, etc…always) asks Justin,

Corban: “Daddy!  Didn’t you, when you was a little boy, ride one of these and play with one of these animals?!”

**he apparently does not realize the differences in speed and danger between a turtle and a bear, and I was consequently feeling a lot less cool.  🙂

we just laughed.

The next several pictures are just an example of how much Cailyn loves having her picture taken.

Just before we left, we told the kids they could each have a cotton candy (they only cost like $0.30 cents!).  This was Corban’s first taste of this puff of sugar they call candy.  He was very unsure of how he felt about it…

Cailyn, on the other hand, was very sure she loved it, and she was ready {once again} to strike a pose for us.  Corban kept saying, “It has a hair on it!”  The humidity outside made the outside of the cotton candy extremely stringy…it was hilarious watching him try to eat it…

Finally, we tried to put our minds around how many days we had till Honey came, till the baby would be born, and finally (hopefully in this order!) when Corban would turn 3 (aug. 23rd) by making a count down chain.

The full chain…

(note to the reader: Cailyn is very into choosing her own outfits still.  I might not be great at decorating my home, but I do try and provide her with clothes that match…it’s just not extremely effective some days!)

Happy to both have knocked a day off our chain!


5 responses to “Final weeks as a family of 4…

  1. Great pictures! Love all of Cailyn’s poses! Good luck with the to-do list before baby and Honey arrive! We can’t wait for little T to come. SO exciting!

  2. worth waiting for!! can’t wait to hear those giggles and cute comments that both of the kids come up with!! Baby T will be here before you know it!! love the dancing of Corban and those poises — where does that come from!! love to all!!

  3. This post made me laugh…mostly because I could basically hear you reading it to me with all of your inserts 🙂

    Great post and pics! I totally thought Cailyn’s face was painted traditionally. LOL! Silly girl.

    and Oh man…the pictures of Corban’s performance reaction. LOVE!

    Looks like some great Brother/Sister time together before baby. Although the fun is about to TRIPLE 🙂 Can’t wait to meet the newest Thompson!! Praying for you ALL! Love you friend!

  4. I loved reading this! I’ve missed being updated on your life 🙂 Cannot wait to hear news of your sweet baby being here. Praying for you in the meantime, that you would wait well and prepare your heart for the next little one. So fun!

    Love the pictures and the countdown chain. That is a great idea, and I will definitely have to use that with Micah (and Beckett) in the future.

    Micah loves to dress herself too. She comes up with some wild combinations. Some battles are just not worth fighting, amen? I sometimes want to carry a disclaimer with me when I go in public. Haha. Love you!

  5. Awesome post, Momma Thompson! You will be so glad you posted these pics before the baby comes. I miss you! I cannot wait to hear that the little one is here. I remember going to breakfast the morning Cailyn put all those stickers on her face. Too funny. Your hubs did a fantastic job looking after them at the retreat. We missed you, but I think you had a very good reason to miss. 🙂 Don’t know when we will see each other again, but I am positive you will be a family of five when we do. Blessings!

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