Grandpa Luke & Grandma Shannon…


We had a blast with Justin’s family the first week of March when they came to visit!  We were super excited, because neither his dad or step mom had been here to Peru yet, so we had a lot to fit into the few days they came.  We had a late Christmas with them, saw the sights, relaxed on our patio most afternoons and evenings, hit the beach, ate some great food, and celebrated Shannon’s birthday.  It was a whirlwind of a trip for them, I’m sure, but we loved having them!  Here are some of our pictures…

We didn’t wrap any of our gifts…it was just as much fun pulling things out of Wal-mart sacks!

a bit fuzzy, but I thought his face was too cute…he was PUMPED about his puzzle!

Cailyn had asked Santa (yes, we do Santa in our family, just not all crazy like…if that makes sense) for a Sleeping Beauty Barbie, and he had not given her one (a good lesson on how we don’t necessarily get what we want always), so she was STOKED that Gpa Luke and Gma Shannon had brought her one…OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!

We took a bus tour of Lima, and in the middle of the tour we got to see a Catholic Church where  some catacombs are…the kids were very intrigued…(ps-we couldn’t take pics of the bones…no worries)

We also toured by a parade that happened to be going on that same day…made for some extra excitement on the bus!

The kids showed off swam in front of the grandparents…it was a blast!

most precious little face…

sporting his new school backpack and Gpa’s sandals…

The beach…

Shannon’s birthday was 2 days after they left, so we celebrated with some cake the day they were leaving…

The kids had a great time seeing grandparents, and we were very glad to have some actual face time with family we haven’t seen in forever!  Thanks Luke and Shannon for all you spoiled us with…including your trip down here!  We love you both!

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