August will be a busy month…

Well, we are very excited to announce that, Lord willing, this little cutie will be joining our family in August!

Here he/she is at 12 weeks…

oh, sorry…that’s just me. 😉

and now for a bit of a closer look…


About an hour before heading out to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary on December 17th, we were very happy to find out that we were in fact, pregnant!  This could not have been a better evening for God to have revealed this news to us, because we already had plans to enjoy one another’s company over a great AMERICAN steak dinner.  Unfortunately, I actually took a pregnancy test because I had felt fairly sick that afternoon, so I’ve decided I might need a do-over on the great dinner!

We had gone to Cailyn’s end of the year school program that morning, and afterward we had brunch with our teammates at a favorite restaurant of ours.  Nearly immediately I realized my stomach wasn’t feeling the best, and I thought it was from what I’d eaten.  I had planned on making a huge batch of tuna fish (like 4 cans of it) for us to have for lunches for the next couple of days that afternoon, so I went ahead and did that while the kids were napping.  Because we were headed out for a bit of a late dinner date, I asked Justin around 5pm if he wanted a small tuna sandwich to tide him over.  He said yes, so I went to open the container full of one of my favorite lunches, and it hit me…I had to immediately close it up, and he never got his sandwich – mostly because I went straight upstairs to take a pregnancy test that we happened to have at the house.  When I was a few weeks pregnant with Cailyn, I took a tuna sandwich to work one day for lunch and nearly got sick all over my desk.  I couldn’t even think about tuna until literally when I was pregnant again WITH CORBAN…like, what…2 1/2 years later?!  Then, I ADORED tuna and literally made it every week when I was first pregnant with Corban.  I certainly craved it.  So, the minute I smelled the tuna this time, I knew.  I’ve never felt so happy to feel like vomit in my life! 😉

Considering my easy breezy pregnancies with both C and C, we’ve sort of been a little caught off guard so far during this one.  We’ve already had a few things come up that haven’t been horrible, but not necessarily ideal.  I had low HCG levels in the beginning when I did my initial blood work, so on Christmas Eve I had to do that test again.  Thanks be to God we got news that my levels had doubled since the couple of days before, so we felt good after that.  Then, we found out that my placenta is about as low as it can get, so we’ve been praying for God to correct that.  As of about a week ago, it is still very low.  My Dr. seems hopeful that it will change, so we feel ok about it all.  I also had to go in this last week due to some signs that I might be losing blood.  After my ultrasound (the picture you see above), my Dr. said we should not worry about it.  There wasn’t anything to suggest things were not going well.  Praise God we’ve only heard wonderful heart beats from the baby, so that is always a wonderfully welcome sound!  We are now just praying for smooth sailing from here on out!  I will have another ultrasound just before 20 weeks probably that will hopefully let us know if I should still be diagnosed with Complete Placenta Previa.  For those who didn’t know, we were surprised by the gender of both Cailyn and Corban on the day of their birth, and it looks like that’s the plan again this time!

All in all, even though it sounds like several things as I write it all out, I really cannot complain about this pregnancy.  I have not actually gotten sick once, as it was with C & C’s pregnancies as well, and I have actually lost weight with each appointment I’ve been to.  What girl doesn’t want that, right?  Even though the scale says that, I do know for sure that my stomach has grown some.  I am still wearing my normal clothes, but unbuttoning my pants after a meal is not something I’m afraid to do. 🙂

I’m technically due 3 days before Corban’s birthday, so that makes me due August 20th.  Justin and I are very excited, and we’ve definitely learned a bit more about what it means to trust God as we’ve had a few uncertain moments in the past 6 weeks.  I guess at this point I wouldn’t trade the experience I’ve had so far.  I’m glad God is allowing me to have some growth, although that doesn’t mean I’ve not asked him to allow it to stop.  I’m certainly still learning how to release all of my worries and fears into his hands.  It’s such a process!

Just to touch on Sister and Brother…they are very excited!  Well, Cailyn is ecstatic.  Corban enjoys talking about the baby, but I don’t know that he fully gets it yet.  It blows my mind that he is already older than Cailyn was when he was born.  We actually asked God to bless us with a 3rd baby closer to the time when Corban was 3 (looks like God might even make that happen to the day!), so I continue to be very amazed at the peace I feel as we look forward to the stages of our first 2 kids when this baby is born…not that it will be easy, but I do feel like God has given us just what he wants and that feels right.

Baby Thompson #3, we could not be any more excited to welcome you into our family!  What a special place you’ve already taken up in our hearts!


14 responses to “August will be a busy month…

  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see if it is a baby brother or sister. The pregnancy will fly. Thanks for sharing about your prayer for God to bless you around the time Corban was 3. How neat! Love you guys, and praying for smooth sailing from here on out. 🙂

  2. CONGRATS!!! That is such exciting news!!! Praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy!! And as always looking forward to hearing if Baby T is a boy or girl!!!

  3. Praise the LORD! So happy and excited for you! I think back to when I was expecting my “#3” and those feelings of having 2 little ones and thinking “what have I gotten myself into?!!” 🙂 Ha! But, God is so good. My sweet little Isaiah is perfect and the perfect #3 in our family. I can’t wait to see just how “right” the Father did again.

    love you all!

  4. Yay!!! I am so thrilled for you all! What an incredible and exciting blessing!! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and sweet little baby. Love you, Justin, and all THREE of your precious kiddos!!!

  5. Justin and Alison ~~~ Congratulations!!! We are SO happy for you—and what a lucky he or she will be!!! Love and Hugs to you all ~~~

  6. Oh YAY! What happy news. So thrilled for you guys! Praying for a healthy baby and for you as you prepare to add another beautiful babe to the mix 🙂

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