Our Holidays…

Christmas came a bit early for us this year since my parents were here during the Thanksgiving holiday.  We had our Christmas day with them the day after Thanksgiving.  Instead of wrapping gifts, my parents had “Door #1” and “Door #2”.  I think the kids loved that even more!

Yes, we did add some more to our tree, in case you’re wondering as you watch this video. 🙂

Untitled from Justin Thompson on Vimeo.

It was a blast to see the kids have so much fun.  It’s such a blessing that our kids have such great grandparents!  If any of you reading ever knew my mom’s mom…this “Door #1/#2” is SO something she would have done.  Mom, you’re for sure your mother’s daughter!  I’m also going to direct you to my mom’s post about our “Christmas Day” because I think my dad might have deleted our pictures (dad??) after he put them on his computer. 😉


**you’ll have to scroll through a few pics of Thanksgiving that she put up, but the Christmas ones are at the end.  Mostly they are of Corban dancing…hah.  He’s such a hoot!

Cailyn finished her year at the Nido (school) she attended this past year in the middle of December, and they had an end of the year show.  Please do not think “kids standing on bleachers singing cute Christmas songs”.  The show was FOR REAL.  On the one hand, it was a bit funny to see how insane they treated the show, but of course we had a blast watching our girl do her dance!  We did pay $42 for her costume to be CUSTOM made JUST for HER.  What?!  We also showed up on time, but apparently the Peruvian parents know to get there an hour early and begin the line to head into the auditorium.  We sat in the next to last row.  Don’t think I didn’t stand up on my chair at one point. hehe.  The teacher (once again) had to have our help in getting C to even participate at school in order to learn the show moves, but I have to say that she was the best little “Libélula” (dragonfly) on stage!  I mean, she knew her moves, and she executed!  No nerves with her!  Corban had a great time clapping for her the entire time.  I wish I had video of him clapping and yelling “YAY DISTER!”(sister).  It nearly made me cry…hah!  The first pics are of C, but I’ll add a couple of some of the other “ACTS”…because you just HAVE to see these costumes!  We WILL be a dragonfly for Halloween next year.  Cailyn doesn’t know that just yet. 🙂

C is the 2nd from the Right…

Now on to showing off the costumes and props…

After their show, the oldest classes graduated.  Cailyn just sat there mostly while the rest of the kids sang what we think was the Peruvian national anthem…haha.  She didn’t even try to learn that. 🙂  C is the 2nd from the Left side…

We had Christmas day just as a family of 4.  It was the first time we weren’t with family…ever…for me or Justin.  It wasn’t a bad day, but it did feel a bit odd.  The kids woke up and opened a few presents, we totally went out to eat for lunch (NOT our norm), and then we just relaxed the rest of the day.  Here are the kids on Christmas Eve.  Thanks to a sweet Christmas gift bag full of goodies from Kelly and Sara Davidson, our kids had a Gingerbread cookie mix and icing tubes for some cookie decorating.  These ended up being Santa’s cookies…

For the New Year, Justin and I rang it in by playing Peru Monopoly together (all of the properties are places in Peru, and the board/cards/money is all in spanish).  We had never played, but the kids and I gave it to him for Father’s Day this past year.  We had fun, and even though we didn’t finish, I’m pretty sure I would’ve won. 😉  Then, around 11:30pm the fireworks started, so we headed up to the roof to watch them.  Yes, you can shoot legit fireworks from your roof here in Peru.  We might do that next year…haha.  We did some sparklers with the kids before they went to bed around 10pm, then we (me and j) ate our dinner together.  Peruvians eat a meal at midnight usually and then spend the entire night up with family and friends, so we were technically still too early even though we finished dinner at like 10:30pm.  It was a relaxing night to say the least.  Now, it’s on to 2012!

This is a catch up post if you haven’t noticed!  I’m hoping to keep up some more on our blog.  I’ve found myself completely wrapped up in just preparing for my day with the kids, especially since Cailyn is now home for summer break.  We’ve gone to the pool and the beach several times each, and the kids swim nearly every other day in our pool in the back yard (just a large blowup one).  We’re excited for this new year for many reasons.  God definitely just walked us through one of the hardest years we’ve had as of yet, but we see him providing for us in numerous ways and we know that we grew so much this past year.  We’re anticipating this next year to be the start of a new beginning in many ways here in Peru, and we’re super excited about it!  I hope to be sharing with you all more specifically as these next few months unfold and God is more clear with us where he is leading our family.  Thanks for all of the support you’ve all given this past year.  We certainly felt positively overwhelmed with love from each of you!


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  1. Cailyn was a perfect dragonfly – no matter how much the costume cost!! Not sure their eyes could speak anymore excitement in the Santa’s cookies picture!! so precious, i love that God gave them to us!!

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