How has it been that I’ve been married to this wonderful man for 7 years now?!  It seems like the time has gone by so fast sometimes, while also feeling like we’ve been together for an eternity at others (a good eternity!).  I could not say enough good about my husband.  He truly loves me and our family with all of his being, and we will forever be blessed by that.  He took me out on Saturday night (the 17th) for a bit of an early celebration…today, the 18th, is really our anniversary.  We had an amazing steak dinner, we had some really great conversations, we laughed, we dreamed, and we made goals for our next year.  I love that our anniversary falls at the end of each year, because as we look forward to another calendar year, it’s easy to also be inspired to make new goals for our marriage.  Justin, thank you for always being eager to work with me at making each year of our marriage better.  I love you!


3 responses to “SEVEN YEARS!

  1. I totally agree about the anniversary being at the end of the year. It is neat to have that “special” date to reflect back over the year. Love you guys. We are honored to share that same day with you guys.

  2. I thought you might always enjoy SNOW in ND on your anniversary but God had other plans — Lima!! So proud of your walk with the Lord and the adventure you two allow as you walk together. peace. still processing my trip!!

  3. Happy Anniversary, you two crazy kids! We love to look at your photos and read your blogs, and your retreat video made me CRY this morning.

    God bless your sweet little family!!!

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