Mom and Dad got to spend Thanksgiving with us, and it was such a huge blessing to have them.  Not only was it just wonderful to celebrate with them, but we had 2 extra sets of hands to help us prepare!  Preparing the food was really the least of our preparations, because we hosted Thanksgiving this year, and our total number was 22 adults and 18 kids.  It was crazy, but tons of fun!  We had our team there, our 4 amazing interns, and 3 other families (2 that live here, and 1 that happened to be visiting one of those first 2 families).  We all decided to pitch in for a jump castle, because…well, let’s face it…we had 18 kids here.

Not only were we literally finding spots for all of our food to sit in places like…oh…our laundry room (we had TONS of food), but we had some amazing time of fellowship as well as a washers tournament.  The kids brought in the Christmas spirit with a viewing of the movie, The Polar Express, as well.  We could not have had a better time!  Here are all of the pictures!  Oh…and one last thing.  I can’t take all of the credit for the kids tables.  Just because we hosted, does not mean I did it all myself!  It was a group effort to say the least!

Prep work…making the kids’ mayflower candy boats…

the finished products…

daddyO and Cailyn making lemonade…

roasted veggies and homemade peanut butter cups

Kid table…I found this adorable turkey idea, and Wes Y. took it on for me!  Thanks, Wes!  I think his looked better than the original. 🙂

THE entertainment…(with only 7 of the 18 kids pictured…i mean, duh…can you see why we got this thing!)

kitchen madness!

trampoline complimentary with the rental of the jump castle…thank God!! (and here’s 6 more of the little kiddies…)

our sweet pea girls at their table…

the rowdy boy table…

the AMAZING salad bar our 4 intern gals made…SOO good!

the turkey carver…

dessert table.  yes, my napkins were on top of the dessert plates due to having NO other spot for ANYTHING!

at the last minute we had to go and walk the intern’s dining table over to our house because we had no more kitchen counter space for food!

our little cutie, corbs…

what a blessing to have such wonderful food!!

Blake Goodfellow making the bracket for our washers tourney…he did all the prep work for it…including making our trophy (pictured below with the winners).  this is our TV room, and yes, it was looking like this within minutes of the start of our night…hah!

washers in action…

and the winners are…THE YOAKUMS!! (notice the awesome wolf trophy)

We could not have asked for a better day for our Thanksgiving Day of 2011.  We were truly blessed!  If any of you who were here read this…we want you all to know how blessed we feel by you and your families!


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