daddyO & Honey – our first few days

**I know I haven’t posted anything since the beginning of October!  I will just have to do some backtracking after I post about our fabulous time with my parents.  They are still here now (Monday, Nov. 28th), but they might be gone by the time I actually get this posted.  They have to leave tomorrow night after spending 2 weeks with us.  It’s been wonderful!!  Let me show you our proof!

C had grandparents day at her school about a month ago and saved her gifts she made to give to Honey and daddyO when they arrived.  She also got to go to the airport with Justin, and she was beyond excited!!  (they flew in at 10:30pm at night, so it was quite the treat!)

First morning…in bed together reading…of course.

We didn’t even make it past our entryway with the bags the first morning.  Corban got some of his belated birthday gifts, and Cailyn was super proud to receive a sweet dove charm necklace that belonged to my mom when she was young.

here she is showing her necklace off…look closely and you’ll find the dove.

Dad scrificed 2 Freebirds Burrito shirts to make capes for the kids.  Clearly…it was a success.

Park fun while mom was at the gym and daddy went for a run…can i say, SO NICE to have grandparents here as our means of care for the kids for a couple of weeks!  We miss that a ton!

The first night they were here, we celebrated Maribel’s birthday all together with some muffins.  It was nice to spend time with peruvian friends alongside our parents.  Please pray for Jose & Maribel…we are really beginning to have some great Bible study time with them…

Mom brought some awesome books about Thanksgiving, so of course we had a few pre-Thanksgiving activity days…

We had a fantastic and gorgeous day at the beach!

Cailyn is a pro at playing in the sand.  Justin dug her a hole to climb in…

Taking a nose dive.  He was LOVING the ocean!

She…was not.  She LOVES to be there, but has a pretty high level of fear when it comes to the waves.  She keeps her distance…hah…to say the least…

Corban, not so much.  He would have gone swimming alone had we let him…

NEXT UP – Our THANKSGIVING CELEBRATION with our wonderful Gringo friends here in Peru!


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