He turned 2…in August

I have literally meant to write something about our adorable little boy who turned TWO in August for…well…really since his birthday at the end of August.  So, tonight seems to be the night.  Here are all things Corban…

Here’s the little cheese ball hamming it up for a photo on the night we celebrated my birthday…eating ice cream!

The first thing I think of when I see his adorable face here is that he looks just like what I remember my younger cousin, Cami, looking like when she was little.  Cami – you were cute!

  • The biggest thing he does these days is talk.  I really cannot emphasize how much he talks.  It amazes me, really.  He will repeat ANY word he hears in spanish or english. We often hear him saying things like…”Sister, you help me put my shoes on, please?!” or “Mommy, I uhn (want) hehp (help) you make a moothie (smoothie)!  I uhn sit on da (the) towner (counter) and hehp you?!?”  Seriously…sometimes I just laugh at how easily he tells us what he needs.  I’m not biased or anything about how smart he is, by the way. 😉
  • He sleeps in a pack-n-play.  I know…odd.  But, he does, and he can totally climb out of it.  He has only climbed out a couple of times when Cailyn was in his room talking to him after he’s woken up for the day or from a nap, and we’ve been very clear that that is not an option.  We don’t plan to move him to a big boy bed soon necessarily.  I’m not ready for that.
  • He totally still uses his paci, and there are not big plans and talk yet between his daddy and mommy about when we’ll get rid of it…I know it’s time…ugh.  For about a little bit now we’ve told him he can only have his paci when he’s in bed sleeping, and he does ok with that.
  • He still GREATLY adores his sister!

  • He loves, loves, loves playing outside.  He is always entertained WAY longer when he’s outside.
  • He has begun to take an interest in watching videos that we have.  Mostly Elmo and Barney.  He never sits for an entire video unless he’s strapped into his high chair while I’m in the shower/getting ready for the day.  Which really means he happily watches most of it and then spends the other half asking me to “det down” from his high chair.  🙂
  • He is still OBSESSED with soccer balls…which is what he calls any type of sports ball mostly.
  • He is still talking about his soccer ball birthday party, and he sings “Happy Birthday” to himself often.
  • He has to do E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. just like Cailyn.  Like, if she has cereal in a baggie on the way to school, he wants a baggie full of cereal too.  If she’s eating yogurt for breakfast, he wants that too.  If she is screaming out of pure joy and excitement, he screams too…even if he has no clue why he’s screaming!
  • His biggest punishment these days for disobeying is time out.  This always does him good, because he needs a good breather every now and again.  Whether he’s indifferent to the fact that he’s being put into time out or very, very sad about it, he ALWAYS gets up from time out with a HUGE smile and literally RUNS to us for his little “post time out” talk as if it’s the biggest event of his day.  It always makes me sort of laugh inside…even in the midst of working up a good “do you understand why you were in time out” speech.
  • He probably loves his play guitar the most out of every toy he has.  He can really jam with it!  He loves to sing, and he can remember words to songs pretty well.  He has led us in family worship the last couple of nights, and it makes me smile to think of him praising God and loving it!
  • He really loves to read now, and he’s gotten really cute about sitting and making up the stories/reading on his own these days.

  • Yes, we did begin to potty train him a couple of weeks ago.  No, we are not still potty training.  Yes, it was mostly because of me.  He was BEGGING me one morning to use the potty, so I did…and…he went.  What?  So, I just went ahead and declared it day 1 of potty training.  He did really well until day 3 and decided he was really not interested in the time it took sitting on the potty.  He began to get upset and whine and cry when I would say it was time to sit there.  Because of our experience with Cailyn, I decided that I would stop and wait a few more months until he could understand a bit more about why he needed to sit there for longer than 5 seconds.  The thing is, though…he learned just enough that he still asks to go and tells me EVERY time he is about to go #2 in his diaper.  So, at least I know he is very aware of the process of all of that…not sure when I’ll pick it back up again.  For now we continue to let him sit on the potty when he asks, but we’re not pushing it much.
  • He just decided that using the pedals on his tricycle is better than moving it with his feet on the ground.  He could really go super fast with his feet, but I guess he’s realized that’s not the best way. 🙂
  • He eats nearly anything we want him to.  He drinks a green smoothie with me nearly every morning.
  • He runs to get anywhere.  Rarely is there ever walking involved.  He falls numerous times a day due to the fact that his little feet can’t run as fast as his upper body wants to go.  It’s really pretty funny.
  • He rarely cries from falling down.  He’s tougher than I expect him to be most of the time.
  • He loves to make people laugh, and he is really silly.  When he knows he’s done something funny…he keeps on…and keeps on…and keeps on… 🙂
  • We usually hear him singing, “Na Na Na Na BATMAAAAAN!” early in the morning through the monitor we still have in his room.  Super cute, and it makes the fact that it’s time to get out of bed less draining.
  • He ADORES getting to help out in the yard.  In addition to this, he never gives up the chance to wash the car!  Part of the money we pay our guard (and great friend!) on our street each month includes having our car washed a couple of times a month.  Jose is so great with our kids.  He has a 2 year old as well, and he is so sweet to basically let Corban undo what he’s already done to the car-hah!

  • He loves to paint, and many days he asks, “Mommy, I tan (can) paint today?”  So, while we don’t paint like this often, I probably should a bit more…he loved this!

We continue to fall in love more and more with this little rascal every day.  He brings us a lot of joy, smiles, and laughter!

4 responses to “He turned 2…in August

  1. Love that little Corban. I always love to read what he is doing since he is so close in age to Maggie. I can ditto a lot of what you said. And Maggie LOVES to paint right now. Santa will definitely be bringing some more paints for the two sisters in my house. Thanks for the update and all the pictures.

  2. cant wait to paint and run around with my boy in about a month!!!!! looking forward to taking c & c to the park and running through the house with our batman skivvies on! daddyO

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