Our Sweet little Corban is TWO! I’ll probably write a bit about him later, but for now I wanted to share some pictures from his birthday party. First of all, I MUST publicly thank Ashley Snow with Snowbird Design. She is a sweet friend I knew in college, and she now has a business of creating lots of great things…the Printable PARTY PACK being what totally made Corban’s party so adorable!! Please go check her out at…you will NOT be disappointed! Not only did she create the cutest invitation (and more!), but she was super fast and so easy to work with!

Another thing about the day is that we decided to rent a smallish-medium sized bounce castle/house for his party, something we’ve sort of thought about for a while now. Anyway, when the people came to set up, we were pleasantly surprised that they not only brought the wrong bonce castle, but it was MUCH larger than we’d asked for AND had a slide in it. Oh, and it also came with a complimentary trampoline! What?! So, I’ve already written more than I had planned (a serious habit of mine!)…without further ado, here are some pictures:

1st gift of the day: A new rolling backpack to match what sister has.  He wasn’t excited or anything…

Here’s the cutie pie invitation Ashley Snow designed…

(all of the font was black, by the way…this is just a terrible picture i took)

I made his cake the night before, so here he is getting a sneak peek.

He would NOT stop asking to see it throughout the day…he just loved his “doccer bawl take!” (soccer ball cake)

Here’s the cake from the top…

The adorable banner that Ashley Snow created…and the adorable picture of my favorite little boy and his wonderful daddy…

These next few pictures are of our food table.  Ashley Snow, again, designed the cute tent cards as well as the adorable water bottle labels.  Before you go thinking I creatively named each thing on the table, I confess that I did in fact make up some of it, but I was given much of my food table ideas from a party I saw pictures of on  If you aren’t on pinterest and you like to create things, check it out!  I have very little creativity within me, but if I’m given a cute idea…I can sure follow it well! 😉

Checking out his jump castle…

We all enjoyed ourselves so much, and we are so happy to have been blessed with Corban these past 2 years.  He is our sweet, tender, energetic, entertainer of a kid, and we just love him to pieces!!


4 responses to “TWO YEARS!

  1. ADORABLE! I am so excited to host a boy birthday party. Girl, you went all out. It was so cute. Love the decor. Your friend did such a great job. I loved all the food labels. Happy Birthday Corban.

  2. It all turned out so cute, Alison!!! Looks like everyone had fun! Thanks again for contacting me to help you out! It was so much for getting to work with you on it all! And Happy Birthday Corban!

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