Is July almost over?!

How can it be?  This year is flying by.  I feel like Justin and I were just on a date at TGIFridays talking about our goals for this month (which actually happened at the beginning of the month), and here we are…at the end nearly.  So, here are some highlights from our life this month…

  • If you didn’t read my last post, feel free to look back on it by clicking here.  While we’re still seeking answers to many of the things I wrote about, God has since blessed us in some specific financial ways for this next year, and we’ve had some hopeful conversations (or at least heard of some that went on) about our possible future partnership with a new supporting church.  Thanks to God for those small glimpses at how our next year will unfold!
  • I continue to be amazed at my mom’s reading suggestions!  I am LOVING the book One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp!  You MUST read it.  Basically it is teaching me that I’ve got to get a hold of myself when it comes to thanking God for every.little.thing in my life.  I have so much.

Things I’m thankful for…

  1. My kids playing together SWEETLY this evening outside in the dirt
  2. The hours that my husband plays with the kids in order to give me some moments alone
  3. The awesome salsa that our team’s intern, Brad, (who’s living with us) made tonight!
  4. Cailyn’s growing ability to think through what the consequences might be unless she obeys
  5. Corban’s new found desire to sit, rock, and read books with me (ahh! sweetness!)

My mom wrote a great blog post about her thoughts on the book, and I agree with everything she said.  It’s a great view into what the book is about.  Check it out!

  • We got a new desk…well, we bought it from our teammates.  I love it!  It’s {nearly} the last thing I wanted in order to sort of complete our Activity Room in our house.  This room is where my kids create, imagine, read, laugh, work, learn, and just have fun!  And…I do, too!  Now I have somewhere for our printer to go and a good spot for the computer and my cell phone that is up and out of the reach of our sneaky little Corban!
  • Peru’s Independence Day is coming up this week…July 28th.  It’s also the day the new president will be sworn in (if that’s even the right terminology…i know…you really don’t want to know how ignorant i am when it comes to politics…well…many things, really).  Cailyn’s school has been focusing a lot of their energies on teaching the kids about Peru, what it means to be Peruvian, etc.  They had a program recently that each class had a performance in.  A few days before the day of the performance, Cailyn’s teacher came to me and asked me to sort of encourage her at home to participate in the song and dance act that she and some of her classmates were in.  I was not surprised AT ALL that the teacher wanted help with that, because C is anything but a performer.  She even sometimes gets embarrassed when I ask her to sing or dance for ME!  So, I did the encouraging, and the day of the performance, Justin, Corban, and I showed up for what I thought would be her standing there on stage…not participating – EVEN THOUGH she had told me that morning that she would, in fact, “raticipate”.  “MMHMM…We’ll see”, I thought.  SO, you can imagine my surprise when she came out on stage for her dance, and we saw this…

Yes, that is her waving very excitedly that we have come to see her.  I did almost cry when she did this (and I might also have a knot in my throat now).  I cannot tell you how much it makes me proud that she is not only overcoming her inability to communicate in this culture (because she is speaking more and more spanish each day!!), but she is also embracing new things.  I love that she went from unsure to decidedly going to participate.  And…she apparently did it with JOY!  Here is proof that she did the actual dance, AND…I need to say that these are pictures from one of her sweet little friend’s mother.  All we had was Justin’s cell phone…terrible, I know!

  • The kids and I are pretty much always “doing stickers”.  When I say, “Do y’all wanna do stickers?!”, that means…I get out my great bin of stickers and they spend 30-45 minutes putting stickers on a piece of paper.  If you are a mom of young kids, and you don’t do this but need a good idea for a fun and fairly chill activity…try this!  My kids LOVE it!  I am always collecting stickers, and my dad has also gotten the sticker bug, because he has bought loads of stickers for the kids as well!  I have gotten so many that I just keep them all in a bin.  When we “do stickers”, I just sit next to the kids, go through our bin, and cut strips of stickers for them.  I never let them go through the bin alone, and I also never let them use a whole sheet of one type unless it’s a special sheet that I have just for that day.  So, I might give each of them 3-4 stickers each off of one sheet, and then they go to sticking!  Seriously, it’s great fun!

the sticker bin and my only supply…scissors

  • We have also continued with some of our letter learning from the ideas I’ve gotten from this awesome blog…No Time For Flashcards.  Even though I had to pay 13 soles (like nearly $5) for this small pack of Jelly Belly Jellybeans, I did it, because I thought the “J” activity was too cute and way fun!  The kids were super pumped about gluing eating the jelly beans, too!

Corban already not following the “glue them all, THEN you can eat the rest” rule…

His reaction to me reminding him of the rule…and enforcing it…

Finally choosing to do it mom’s way…

Oh, so happy when eating time came!

  • We’ve also made binoculars, because there are just so many cool things to see “up close” from the upstairs window into our backyard. 🙂

  • Justin & I surprised Cailyn with a mommy & Cailyn night out to see Disney on Ice that came here to Lima early on this month.  She was beyond thrilled, and it was really tons of fun for both of us.  Besides the fact that it was Disney Princesses and Heroes, it wasn’t cheesy at all…I mean, this show was the real deal!  Cailyn was beside herself with excitement!  It was definitely a fun experience.

  • Cailyn also recently had her first Ballet Performance.  She takes a ballet class through her school each Wednesday afternoon, and the girls in it all performed for the parents after school one day.  Nothing big and fancy, but super cute…and, once again…she made us proud!  She was not only right on with each move, but she even gave the teacher cues for the next moves in one part.  I was enjoying the performance, and the next thing I knew, my child was the voice of the “Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro” in order to lead the girls into the next position (which was clearly not her appointed role in the performance).  Who knew she could get so into it?!

I think that about covers our month.  BUT…I do have one last prayer request.  I know Hannah (my sister), might cringe when she reads this because of her tendency to be a bit less verbal about things like this, but I honestly want those of you who care about what’s on my heart to know that this is a big prayer for me this week and these next few weeks.  Hannah will be having surgery this Wednesday, July 27th.  She described it as minor in a blog post that she wrote recently, but it is not just a day surgery or anything.  It is full blown surgery.  While I won’t give more details than might make her comfortable, I do ask that you all be praying that she is protected and that God puts his angels around her body and her Surgeon during the surgery on Wednesday.  It will take about 2 hours, and she should have about a 2 week recovery after that.  My mom is going to Washington DC, where Han and Jason live, this Tuesday, so I pray that she gets there safely and that her flight is not delayed in any way seeing as they want her there for the surgery on Wednesday.  Praises to God for the flexibility that our mom has always had and made for Hannah and I in our lives.  I know Han and Jason will benefit greatly from her care!  Love you, Hannah!  Thank you all for your prayers!!


4 responses to “Is July almost over?!

  1. loved all of the pictures. love the activity room you have organized so well since going back in Jan. i can tell the kids and YOU love it!! dad does love to purchase stickers. I felt tears come also as i read all of the changes cailyn is making. mainly b/c we have prayed and God has answered. we serve a powerful God!! thanks for the great job you are doing!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out and your sensitivity, ha. If anyone is curious for the sake of specifics in prayers the procedure is called a mini laparotomy.
    I loved the pictures and all of your activities-you are such a great mom!

  3. I love that even though I’m not still in Lima that I can experience the daily things y’all do. The kids are so adorable, as always, and I’m so happy to see Cailyn branching out. I’ll be praying for y’all and for Hannah too this week. I hope you can rest in the peace of God this week during her surgery and recovery.

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