Just a few random photos from the last few weeks…

Diligently sharpening our colored pencils.  It took him nearly 30 min (ANYthing that keeps his attention that long gets my seal of approval!), and he also got every one of our 10 colored pencils sharpened.  I was somewhat surprise.  I guess twisting the {wrong} way for 30 min. also gets the job done like twisting the {right} way for 5…

Practicing her “Kindergarten skills”…

Pretty much his favorite activity…

All.day.long I hear, “iuh (i want) kick da (the) sock-uh-ba (soccer ball) momma!”

**oops…just a bit too high on the ol’ kick in the next picture**

As much as my hair is looking a bit crazy in this next picture, I am posting it because it’s the only proof that the kids and I were at the zoo recently.  There was absolutely no time for pulling out the ol’ Nikon and getting any photos.  Cailyn’s school had a field trip, and I told Justin to not bother joining us because I thought it would be no biggie to keep up with the kids alone…well…with the help of the group.  W.R.O.N.G.

When we arrived, I realized that not only was her school there, but EVERY other school in Lima was there from babies to highschoolers.  What high school kid wants to go to the zoo as a field trip is what I’m wondering.  Anyway, there were probably a good 60 HUGE (some double-decker) buses there with kids of all ages.  It was insane.  Basically, there were so many people that you had to fight to get up to the glass to see some animals, which I didn’t do.  I think my kids saw about 3 animals “up close”, and each time they really got to enjoying something, the group was moving on and I had to pry Corban’s hands off of the fence in order to get going so that I could strap Corban into his stroller and keep up with the group.  It was sad.  And, yes, Corban HAD to ride in his stroller, because he is so incredibly fast and can get out of sight in seconds.  He does well about 90% of the time when we say “stop” or “wait” or “come back”, so I was definitely not going to risk losing his little brown-haired, fit in with the peruvian look little self by letting him walk dart around.  So, anyway, here we are after having had our “lonchera” (snack…which was more like a meal since i packed actual lunches…oops.  darn that spanish note they sent home that i misinterpreted).

Oh, but wait.  There’s more to the story.

Immediately following our lonchera time, Cailyn just was about to DIE of being tired of walking.  I mean she was as exhausted as they come, and I just couldn’t bear to make her walk any more.  (Are you catching on to my sarcasm here?)  I mean, keeping up with our group was no joke.  If we didn’t I was going to be stuck with some other group I didn’t know, and the place is so big I might have never found our group again!  There was just no time for saying no and risking a melt down with an overly dramatic 4 year old, so I gave in and let Corban walk while pushing Cailyn in our umbrella stroller.  He, of course, though he’d hit the jack pot, and I was just trying to keep up with him at every turn.  He kind of run-walks, just to give you an idea of how quickly I had to get going.  It wasn’t the end of the world, but I was definitely breaking a sweat.  Can you see why the only photo I have is one we got while sitting with our group?

About an hour before leave time we hit a stretch where it was wide open spaces and we could sort of breathe a bit.  Cailyn was having fun, Corban was in the stroller {again}, and I suggested to Cailyn that we enjoy the space and run together to catch the group ahead of us.  So…there we 3 went.

I have NO idea why I suggested this.  I KNOW that my daughter has never been that great at not tripping when running.  And, yet, there we were…running…nonetheless.  Well, that is, until Cailyn tripped and whip lashed her forehead into the cement.


She immediately had a bump on her forehead that stuck out about as far as a little over half of a ping pong ball.  Oh gracious.  Then, her main teachers and a few of the other class helpers caught up to us and saw that she had fallen.  They immediately began helping us, which included giving me 2 creams and some type of alcohol mix on a cotton ball, plus a peruvian coin (that’s a bit bigger than a quarter) that I was supposed to press onto the bump in order to…well…actually I have no idea what it was supposed to do. We also immediately had about 20 people around us and comforting us.  Some of our friends got Corban out of the stroller so that Cailyn could ride again, so then I not only had to calm her, I had to keep one eye on him as he wandered away a good 50 feet chasing pigeons.  WHY THE HECK DID MY HUSBAND NOT COME WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!!??!?

Basically, the last hour was spent with that group of people, myself, and my kids trying to find the exit so we could end this wonderful field trip.  We’re still getting over that bump on our head, but at least we’re not still scream-crying about it. 🙂

Moving on…

When I went to pick C up from school a couple of Fridays ago, she was wearing this.   They had celebrated “Día del Campesino”, and this is apparently their version of what a campesina looks like…(basically a peasant farmer sort of)…oh, and that’s a potato around her neck.  of course.

After nap photo shoot…

C got to be “La Reina” (the Queen) at school the other day.  Every kid gets their day, and hers came this week.  She got to take a big basket full of her favorite games, toys, books, etc. to share with the class.  They read her letters that we sent from us, she got to wear a princess dress that day(dream come true!), they give her a crown to wear, and they take a poster board of pictures from their life to share with the class.  She.Loved.It!

**you can kind of see the bump on her head…this was 2 days later**

They’ve been taking lots of bubble baths lately…

Sister sort of runs the show when it comes to who covers who with more bubbles…

1 or both arms over the side of the tub = T! (time out…recovery needed!)

Brother sort of runs the show when it comes to throwing things like washcloths into the air and making huge splashes.

Eyes squeezed shut and dramatic squeals from sister = “COOORRRBAAAAANN!  I DIDN’T WANT THAT!”

Blank stares from brother = “What, you didn’t like that?  Ok.  I’ll do it again then!”

Happy July!


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  1. Can I just tell you that this post made me die laughing! And I love that I can visualize you guys at that zoo. I could DEFINITELY see that bump on her forehead. Oh my word.
    Your captions of the kids in the bathtub were hilarious. I loved the last one especially. 🙂 I think I could do a series like that of Ana and Maggie trying to go to sleep at night. It always ends with someone crying.
    Thanks for sharing. I can’t believe I am still up, but this post made my night!

  2. cailyn is getting a more grown up look in her princess dress picture, i love the ones in the bathtub and their emotional sides come out!! and of course your great commentary!! i have laughed and laughed. my favorite of corban is the after nap one alone!! so cute and so full of smiles!!

  3. Alison~~I love the pictures—and your “commentary” is priceless! Funny, cute, you painted a wonderful !! picture of the day with your words—It may not have turned out like you thought, but I think it is a day that will be a …”I remember….” I laughed and couldn’t wait to get to the next paragraph!! Thanks! Love you all~~~

  4. What a great combination of story, confession, lament, question and explanation! All I can say is that you have a great collection of family, friends and coworkers that help ‘cover your bases’. That certainly bodes well for the future.

    Blessings and prayers,

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