Two VERY different children…

This is about how much we trusted Cailyn when she was really small near our computer (it was our DVD player in Costa Rica)…She would often sit and watch an entire movie at one time.  Great attention span, and she was only 19 months old.

This next picture just about sums up how close we would dream of letting Corban get to our computer to watch a movie…

You might note a couple of things:

1. He’s so far, the camera automatically assumed I did not want to make him the focus of the photo.

2. Not only is he across the room, the computer is also pushed nearly to the middle of the bed, out of small arm reach.

3. He sat there for about 10 full, but not consecutive minutes of the movie.

4. He will be 2 in August.


4 responses to “Two VERY different children…

  1. Ha!Ha!Ha! what a great comparison picture. he is going to be a hands on kinda guy. love you all, daddyO

  2. Love the visual comparison! I’m so glad that you have a boy and a girl. (Oh, and it’s cool that each one of you has a child that resembles you, too!)

    You are so richly blessed!!!

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