I Scream, You Scream, We ALL Scream for ICE CREAM!

Yep, an Ice Cream Party was the way we celebrated Cailyn’s 4th birthday on June 6th.  Although we’re technically in winter here, it’s still not cold enough yet to be too terribly out of the mood for ice cream, and this theme was also my attempt to shy away from more princess craziness…which is still a fave thing in our house at 4 years old.  SO…ice cream it was!

I actually had the thought today that 4 makes Cailyn look older.  She just seems to be blossoming in so many ways.  We’re still working on all of the same stuff we’ve been working on since, well, a while back, but Cailyn has also shown so major maturity and growth in the last months.  I am very excited to see where God is taking us with our sweet girl.

This past year has been one full of changes and transition for our family, and Cailyn has most definitely taken it all in stride.  We’ve had a few bumps here and there with her, but for a child who cringes when the “plan” changes, she has made us proud of how she has handled it all.

I could go on and on about all that she enjoys and her favorite things, but since I know I have great pictures (thanks to my teammates who made sure some got taken at the party!) to share…I’ll do just that!

Here’s the party in pictures:

Justin put this ice cream parlor thing up…Heladería just means like a little ice cream shop.

First sweet friend to show up, Mariana…

(please excuse the hair in C’s face…my shower trumped her getting her hair fixed for her party)

**Cailyn had been asking for like 2 hours if she could get the door when her friends arrived, so we were like, “SURE!  But it will be another hour or so, Cailyn, so be patient.”  Well, 4pm rolls around (start time), and Justin and I are up in our bathroom finishing up getting ourselves ready when we hear people talking downstairs.  We had not heard the doorbell ring, and Cailyn apparently took us quite seriously when we said she could answer the door, because she was downstairs entertaining before we had even made our way down for the party.  We had a little talk about opening the door without an adult present.  She got the point.

The “cake”  (this video was my teacher)

Oh, to hear the conversations between these two…

Liam Fletcher with his “cookie”-sicle…yummm!

I have no idea what C was doing here or who she was talking to, but this picture basically wraps her up!  She is a HAND TALKER for sure!  She uses those hands and points her finger with the best of ’em!  She also has an innate ability to raise her eyebrows and dart her eyes in order to send her point across.  We OFTEN find ourselves dying laughing at her.  Most times it is an unconscious thing she does, which makes it SO hilarious!

Blowing out her candle!  One of her sweet peruvian friends yelled, “Dónde está la torta?!” (“where’s the cake?!”) after we sang.  Her mom was so embarrassed, but I assured her mom that I was very aware that our “cake” was extremely non-traditional for Peru…and even a bit for American parties.  Typically, the cake is just a sheet cake, and the kids don’t even eat it at the party.  They each go home with a small box with their piece of cake in it to eat on the way home or once they get home.  I think her Peruvian friends enjoyed stuffing their faces AT the party. 🙂

Pretty sure Michelle held nothing back at the topping buffet…

my attempt at a birthday banner…

We played “Cold Cone” (like hot potato) and if the music stopped on you, you had to tell your favorite ice cream flavor…**i made this cone like 30 min. before the party…quite tacky looking and also in pieces once the kids got done with the game…but still fun!

The piñata!!  I really enjoyed making this for C’s party, and it was a lot easier than I imagined it being! Here’s where I found the idea!

Corbs finally got his hit {after} all had been broken and scattered. 😉  He still loved it.

All of the kids went home with a new ice cream bowl and spoon…

We all had a great time!  Happy 4th Birthday, Cailyn!!!

6 responses to “I Scream, You Scream, We ALL Scream for ICE CREAM!

  1. I was Oohing and Aahing over these pics! What a FABULOUS job! and such precious and yummy ideas! You’re such a good mommy 🙂

    Sad we couldn’t be there but looks like you had a great time! Love you all!

  2. What a fun idea! Ana and Shaye would have loved to have been there. 🙂 Great pics. Thanks for posting. I have to get back onto the blog wagon.

  3. Alison, you really outdid yourselves!! SUCH a precious party. You thought of EVERYTHING! Loved your cold cone game, and the pinata…and, well everything! I’m sure Cailyn felt so honored and special!

  4. Could go back and look at these pictures over and over every day!! Alison and Justin, you did a wonderful job of created memories of Cailyn’s 4th party…great pictures!! i love all of the details and it looks like everyone else did too!! Corban will expect just the same in August!! I know your brain is already working !!!

  5. I’m not a very smart person b/c I just left a comment for this post on a different one! Oops! Happy Birthday again Cailyn!

  6. awesome birthday theme! you did an ammaazzziiinngg job! how fun and wish we could of been there!! so precious!! we love and miss you all sooooooo much! love, nana

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