Feliz Día, Mamá!

Well, it’s ALL about Mother’s Day here.  Perú celebrates Mother’s day on Sunday as well, so there are red hearts in every store window, signs saying how we all love our moms, and sweet kids who’ve made cute gifts to give out to their mommas this week at school.  Cailyn’s Nido was no exception, so we got to have a sweet little mother/daughter picnic at her school this morning.  She got to wear a dress (a huge highlight for her!), and we got Dunkin Donuts and yogurt…her two fave things…to eat at our picnic (it was more of a breakfast).

Just before leaving for her school…

When we arrived, we had to find our child’s wonderful drawing, and then we got to set up camp there…

The back of the picture was an interview they had given her about me.  It said…

and…in English…it said:

“My mommy’s name is Alison.  I don’t know how old she is.  She is big, she has long, brown hair, and she is beautiful.  ‘She is good!’  I don’t know where she works.  Sometimes, she wears pants.  She likes to eat oranges, and sometimes she drinks water.  She takes me to the park, outside, and to the park close to my house.  We play with my little brother, Corban, sometimes with my Barbies and Corban’s cars.  I love her a lot.  Cailyn.”

Not sure if she meant…sometimes I wear pants and other times I wear nothing…or if she meant that sometimes I wear pants and other times something else…hmmm.  I need to make sure I’ve got clothes on when I’m around her to really emphasize in her mind that I don’t generally walk around with just a top on.  Otherwise, I felt complimented. 🙂

Here’s a lot of the mommas from Cailyn’s class…(that’s my little yellow pillow seat in between the two ladies on the far left)

Cailyn’s teacher leading her class out…with the leader picking her nose…

All set to give her big presentation!

She stood there while the kids all said a poem.  Then she stood there as they all sang a cute song.  Then she asked to sit down with me, and when I told her to wait because I didn’t think they were done, she began to cry.  Nice.  So, I let her sit down in my lap while they all sang their English song, twinkle, twinkle little star…the only one she probably knew.  Go figure.  Then, I had to sort of trick her into going back with them to their classroom for a minute when they all walked out.  She finally went, and that was when we “set up” our picnics.  I got video, but it’s the most boring thing you’ve ever seen.  She does nothing.  Oh, wait.  It isn’t that boring, because Maddox Fletcher stole the show on his side of the square, so I focused in on him for Steph.  Hope her blog readers like it.  I’m not gonna post it here, because my child literally just stands there.  Not the greatest thing to watch if you’re a fan of the Thompson family…hah!

Things got better when it was time to break out the donuts!

Then, Cailyn began to cry again because all I had for her to drink was a yogurt drink, which happens to normally be her favorite thing.  Oh…no…she wanted water.  Stephanie (thanks again!!) very graciously let her, another person’s 3 year old, drink out of her water bottle…something that takes a strong stomach, really.  Good friend, that Steph girl!  She did make sure, though, that Cailyn had finished the bite of donut she was on.  I’m talking…it would have been serious back wash.  yuck.  To top that off, Maddox was basically willing to share everything they had brought with Cailyn, and we even ended up stealing an ENTIRE package of crackers from them due to the fact that Cailyn was feeling full of her donut and about to cry that there was no other option of food.  I was definitely not feeling like mom of the year.

So, we were fairly unstable the entire time emotionally…and by we, I just mean Cailyn.  She was definitely not on her A-game, but, what can I say…we’re still a work in progress.  ME (for how I handle it…ahem)…and…HER (for her frustrating attitudes!).

At the end the mom’s received a cute gift that they had made.  A jewelry box.  Cailyn was SO excited, and I was told right then and there to take off my jewelry so that we could keep it safe in that new box of mine. 🙂  We got a picture, but the box is slightly cut off…you can still see the cuteness, though!  Oh…and that’s leftover donut on Cailyn’s face.

It was a happy time all in all. 🙂  I’ve already warned J that if they have a Father’s Day event he will have to make sure he packs the right food.  Cover your basis, that’s all I have to say.  Happy early mother’s day!


4 responses to “Feliz Día, Mamá!

  1. LOVED your post~~and Pictures, Alison!!! The pictures are great! and I laughed and laughed ….about the pants!!! Cute, cute! Love y’all

  2. I loved this post. The pictures of you and Cailyn are so sweet. She looks so grown up. I am sorry it was an emotional time for her, but I love that you documented it. It looked like a sweet time to me, and I love how proud she was to give you your jewelry box. We can’t wait to see you guys!

  3. great pictures of you and cailyn!! couldn’t help remembering a frustration Thanksgiving when you were in K that went kinda like you describe here. When the teacher ask the students to name something you were thankful for — You could not come up with ANYTHING!! I came home and called Susie Ivie about my ungrateful child — but hey God’s grace has brought you to a mighty fine young mom, He will bring Cailyn along too!! love, mom

  4. wow, how i remember times like this! the excitement children have in preparation to giving to mom and dad. great pictures and memories!! you both are so beautiful!! love y’all very much! nana

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