Semana Santa:Holy Week

We had a FANTASTIC Semana Santa, and mostly that was because HANNAH CAME TO VISIT!  We were super blessed to have some great time with our Aunt and Sister, Aunt Sister (yes, that’s what the kids call her).  Our week was full of good eats, fun times at the park, special activities for Cailyn and Aunt Sister, an easter egg hunt, a day at the beach, our church group coming over for a night focused on Christ (we watched the Passion of the Christ and had group discussion times…it was moving) and just some good old relaxation time!  She was here from a Saturday night to this past Saturday morning.  Then, we topped our Semana Santa week off by having a great time at church last Sunday…complete with the JOY of seeing our sweet sister, Roxanna, get baptized!!  I don’t have pictures from ALL of our fun times with Aunt Sister OR church yesterday, but I will share what I have.  I wish I had taken more pictures, but you all will probably think I have plenty after I post some on here.  Sidenote: Justin makes fun of me for how long my posts are.  I just ignore him (wink, wink), but I guess I should at least acknowledge to anyone reading my blog that I know I am long winded. 🙂


Hannah and I sat under the umbrella at got great sister talk time while Justin played in the sand with the kids.  We played, too, but Justin was so incredibly great to bless us with that!  This is what we were entertained by about every 5 minutes…Corban “cleaning” his tongue with salt water…

Aunt Sister suggested we feed the birds…Cailyn loved it!  There were really only 2 that were brave enough to venture toward C…it was hilarious watching them sneak up and JET off after they got the bread…

Hannah also helped C look for seashells.  Cailyn reminds me of Han a lot in this respect, because she is constantly finding feathers, flowers, and small things in nature that she just HAS to pick up as we’re walking by them.  I remember Hannah always finding feathers and bringing them inside our house when we were small.  Feathers sort of creep me out, and Cailyn knows that, but she had a kindred spirit to help her look for those special beach treasures this time!


One day after school, Hannah and I picked Cailyn up and she got to skip her nap to go to the store and buy ingredients to make Banana Pops with Aunt Sister.  She got to choose her “favorite” cereal to cover them with, and she chose Trix…which she’s never had before, so it didn’t really fall into the “favorite” category, unless she thought we meant “favorite looking” cereal.  We never just buy whatever cereal she thinks looks good, so this was HALF THE EXCITEMENT!  Don’t think Hannah and I didn’t finish off that box of cereal during the rest of the week.  hah!


**this was the best “pre-hunt” picture I could get…and they hadn’t even had any chocolate yet!**

here’s Aunt Sister trying to explain the rules of the game, “hunt THEN eat”…

“thanks anyway, Aunt Sister!  I think I’ll go ahead and try this jellybean.” (meanwhile, Cailyn was finding all of the other eggs)

Cailyn was on a mission!

Very upset that his 2 “you can eat what’s inside of these” eggs had already been eaten. :)…(yes, we used our beach toy bucket as his easter basket)

Again, just trying to capture a sweet photo of Han and the kids…

thanks to 2 out of the 3 people being photographed, this was the only “close to decent” picture we got…


(unfortunately, Hannah was gone by then, but she brought all of the easter basket treats!)

Another photo shoot starting off badly…

first treat they BOTH spotted…the chocolate bunny. 🙂  Or, as Corban says, “CHAW-KET BUH-NEE!!”

“Cailyn, can you put your arm around brother for a sweet picture?!  Oh, ok…that’s good.  Yeah, that’s too tight.  He’s squealing, do you hear him?  He’s saying, ‘that’s too tight , Sister!  Cailyn thank you for doing that, but please let go now.”  Sheesh.

“Ok, one last time!  SMILE!”

struttin’ his easter bunny stuff…

“WAAAAAAAA!!!  Why can’t I BLOW the bubbles???!!!”

Daddy demonstrating…

(which we all know is a fruitless effort when you have a 20m old wanting to take a go at blowing bubbles)

“Ok, Dad, I got this.”

and, finally…after some more coaching, we got it down.  for the moment at least.

Aunt Sister, great choice on the “Shoelace bracelets”!  She LOVED them!

Finall, I want to say that we also very much enjoyed several great books about Easter and what it means for Christians, and really our world even if the world doesn’t recognize it!  One of my absolute favorites is one called “What is Easter” (click on it to see it on  I don’t have the author’s name in front of me, but it is great for small kids, because it rhymes, it’s got wonderful pictures, and it’s all about how easter eggs and candy, our Sunday dresses and suits, and the easter bunny are all fun, but the real reason we celebrate is because of Jesus, our Risen Lord!  I suggest you getting it if you have small kids!  Hoping everyone had a great time with family and celebrating Jesus during the week last week!


5 responses to “Semana Santa:Holy Week

  1. Yes, you had tons of pictures! But they were all wonderful, especially the ones that are true to life and not picture perfect! So glad you had fun with Hannah and your Easter activities!

  2. Alison, the kids are so adorable. I cannot wait to hear Corban talk. He is way ahead of Maggie in that department. I love that you got to spend such a great week with “Aunt Sister.” I know you both will cherish that visit for years to come. Looks like Team Lima had a great Easter celebration. Can’t wait to talk mission work with you guys in just a short time.

  3. Alison. Your babies are just the most adorable little things! They both have the prettiest faces! I wish I could give them a squeeze 🙂 And we love the “What is Easter” book at our house, too. Glad y’all had a happy weekend!

  4. love all of these pictures….corban crying over the bubbles always makes me sad to see. my heart is full to know you and hannah had such a great visit. memories are so special!! love you.

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