A New Endeavor with Juice Plus+

After some discussion and prayer on the part of Justin and me, I have decided to join in the effort to help provide our friends and family with an easy and convenient option for healthier living.  Let me backtrack only a bit.

Back when I was in my early years of high school, I began taking Juice Plus+ for the first time.  The only reason I was taking it was because my mom had ordered some for our family in an effort to look into a new way of receiving fruits and vegetables in our diets.  Back then I only jumped on the wagon because it was something my mom thought was a good idea.  Interestingly enough, though, I remember after a few months of taking it, I physically felt different.  I can also remember going to my mom and telling her that I was pretty sure it was the Juice Plus+ capsules that I was taking on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, at that time in my life, I was completely unaware of the amazing benefits that really do come from taking Juice Plus+ daily.  Not only that, but there was and still is so much thorough research that backed up what I was actually experiencing in my life.  After a fairly extended amount of time, our family ended up getting distracted from using JP+.

Fast forward some…

After Justin and I got married and we met our wonderful teammates who are here in Peru with us, Lee & Stephanie Fletcher, I was re-connected with JP+ for a second time.  I was invited to go and hear a guest speaker in Abilene, TX who gave an exciting presentation on JP+, it’s benefits, it’s purpose, the research that backs it up, and how it could completely change our lives.  It was in that lecture that I knew that JP+ really had made a difference in my life those years before.  I was certain that it was something our family needed to begin again.  So we did.  We began taking JP+ again on a daily basis.

A mutual friend of ours, Holly Morris, has played a key role in helping each of our families in the process of beginning to take JP+, but she also has the goal of helping our family and our ministry here in Peru.  This is really what has begun to excite us about this new endeavor of ours!  But, before I go into how this will not only benefit the health of you and/or your family AS WELL AS help to financially support our ministry here in Peru, I need to tell you WHAT IN THE WORLD THIS JUICE PLUS+ PRODUCT REALLY IS!!

There is just WAY too much amazing information for me to write it all out in this blog post, so I plan to give you just a few tidbits of information that stand out to me as a customer who takes JP+.  Then, you are welcome to go and work your way through my JP+ website.  It is extremely easy to navigate through, and it gives a lot of great information that will support what I can say in a few words on here.  So, here are just a few wonderful things that I love about and believe in when it comes to JP+ and my life:

  • JP+, when taken with my normal fruit and vegetable servings, helps me to ACTUALLY receive the 7-13 recommended servings of fruits and vegetables on a DAILY basis.
  • JP+ capsules are 100% fruits and vegetables.  I am only receiving the SAME thing as if I were eating those fruits and vegetables out of my fridge!
  • JP+ is very convenient.  I can take them at ANY moment in my day…whether that’s in the morning on a productive and “I’m on top of everything” kind of day, or whether it is as I lay down to sleep on one of those, “I didn’t quite get to even half of my to-do list” kind of days.
  • There are JP+ products for every member of my family, from small child to adult.
  • The products for small kids are in CHEWABLE form…and they pretty much look like a “fruit snack treat”…uh…what kid can resist that?!
  • Right now, if I order capsules for an adult (me, for instance), any child in my family between the ages of 4-18 years (as well as any child that is currently enrolled in college!) will receive their order for FREE for up to 3 YEARS!  THAT is awesome, folks!
  • There is also the option of purchasing JP+ Complete: a SHAKE MIX (how yummy is that?!) in either french vanilla or dutch chocolate.
  • JP+ can also be taken while pregnant, and it is actually a WONDERFUL option in place of prenatal vitamins.  I have personally used them while pregnant!
  • JP+ has been PROVEN to: help reduce oxidative stress, help support a healthy immune system, and positively impact several key indicators of cardiovascular wellness…NOT TO MENTION…
  • People who have taken JP+ for an entire year report things like: less doctor visits throughout the year, less days of work & school missed, and less need for taking prescription drugs.  Honestly?  Those things are what made me think…”SIGN US UP!”

I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with this information.  This product is something that I consider a huge benefit to my family, and I feel God encouraging me to step into the role of helping others with their health through using JP+.  Our friend, Holly, has helped me to go from a customer to a customer PLUS a distributor.  My website, www.alisonthompsonrecommendsjuiceplus.com,  is where you can learn even more about this product, and you can come to me with any additional questions you have.

If you or you and your family feel like taking Juice Plus+ might be a good decision for you, please let me know!  I would love to get things started for you!  On top of that, anyone that orders their JP+ through me is also directly supporting our ministry here in Peru.  Our Peruvian friends, our family, and our ministry will directly benefit financially from your decision to take JP+.  It’s a win win situation!

Go ahead and try it out!!  I’ll be looking forward to you contacting me about it! 🙂


4 responses to “A New Endeavor with Juice Plus+

  1. Yeah for Juice Plus and very well written! Love you! OH and PS Juice Plus is amazing in case any of you are wondering:)

  2. Question – does this replace your daily multi-vitamin or is it in addition to it?

    Email me and give the scoop on the cost. I am interested!

  3. That’s awesome!! I love juice plus. I take mine everyday and i can’t wait until the kids are 4 cause i am going to start them then!

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