We have an 18m old…

As of Feb. 23rd.  So, so, so hard to believe!  How can our little baby be a year and a half?!  I feel like 2 is around the corner, and I am SO not ready for that!  I guess it’s just hard to imagine not having the chunky cheeks to kiss, the sweet babbling sounds each morning through the monitor, and all of the broken words that he says.  It’s a good thing there are other things to look forward to, though!  This is what our Corbs is up to these days:

Stripping down to his diaper to play outside in the water hose.  He’s serious about it.

Taking breaks from the water hose in order to perfect that mean golf swing.  Again…serious business.

(notice he got air with this one)

Eating sidewalk chalk, drawing some, and messing up Cailyn’s drawings…

“Vrrrrooooommm-ing” his cars…

Being cute in his paint smock…


Decorating valentine cookies, vigorously…

and, finally…still trying to master that old spoon…

and, although the eyes are blurred, this best shows where the yogurt usually goes…

He’s pretty much the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.  Period.

He also:

  • still has a few random teeth here and there that have yet to make an appearance
  • sits in time out quite a bit for hitting, throwing things, and running away when we tell him to come
  • calls Cailyn “dihdah” for “sister”
  • naps 3 hours a day (and if he isn’t napping, we leave him in his bed that long anyway…haha)
  • sleeps from 7:30am-7am or so without a peep
  • gives any kind of tv show or kid video about 2 minutes of attention, and those 2 minutes MIGHT turn into 3 if it’s “Diego” or “Barney”
  • eats pretty well I guess, but has a TERRIBLE habit of throwing his food or plate…or both…off of his tray when he doesn’t want anymore.  **imagine the yogurt above…yes, the wonderful, peruvian, watery yogurt…all.over.the.floor.
  • screams a lot, but a bit less than 2 months ago…that’s progress I guess. 🙂
  • says any word you want him to, can pronounce nearly any word with pretty good clarity, and has a vocabulary that he uses without our prompting of HUNDREDS (well…it might be less than that ;)) of different words. 🙂  seriously, though…this kid can talk!
  • good at acting shy, and likes to stay close to mom and dad until he feels comfortable with someone
  • insists on using the stairs on foot instead of his bottom.  this has been ok since he holds on very well…but we still have to be there with him, of course.
  • has an obsession with guitars
  • still LOVES his ball pit, playing outside, his golf clubs, and chasing/being chased

Oh, I could go on and on.  I absolutely love that he is ours!

And…just because I can’t get enough of him and think you might like a walk down memory lane with me…here are some old photos.  (if you’re still reading…bless you! haha!)

Almost here! (pay no attention to my swollen self) 😉

Just a couple of short hours later…Day 1.

6 months and OH.SO.SWEET!

Happy “1 Year” Birthday!…

and, finally…18 months old and livin’ it up at the beach. :)…

4 responses to “We have an 18m old…

  1. Oh, I miss my sweet Corban. I love the paint smock, He is just too cute!! I think i see that same intense look that Cailyn has when he is decorating the cookie and painting…good out!! I need some skype time soon!! love you much!!

  2. Adorable. I notice Corban seems to be a lefty. Any other left-handed folks in your family? (I’m a friend of your Mom’s from high school, and I LOVE reading your blog.)

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