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I have had lots of random “maybe I will blog about that” thoughts lately, but nothing really extremely important.  So, I thought I might just put them all together for a random update and view into my life these last weeks.

The kids swim/play with the water hose pretty much every day.  I love that our entire back wall of our living/dining area is a big huge sliding glass door…well, 2 of them.  They stay open almost all day long.  So, the kids sort of just roam in and out of the house constantly during the day.  I decided today that I have to start shutting the door on Corban when he is swimming or using the water hose, because otherwise, he would walk right into the house with the running water if I wasn’t watching.

Corban and Cailyn seem to be in a bittersweet stage when playing together.  They a.d.o.r.e. one another, yet in any given moment one is bothering the other one.  It’s either that “he is is hitting me”, “mines, mines, mines!”, “he thought this was his, but it’s mine!”, “back! back! back!”, etc…  In defense of Cailyn, Corban really does bug her quite a bit.  I think it’s that he just wants her attention, but he is constantly doing something to bug her.  We began sitting him in time out for hitting and throwing things at her when we were in Texas, and that seems to be a good option for us now.  He also gets swatted and a flick in the mouth for screaming.  He’s quite the little toot. 🙂  BUT…I must say, he is less of a strong will than Cailyn is.

We are in the midst of having our entire house painted.  Well, scraped is more like it.  I mentioned all of the terrible mess on the walls.  It’s been one week, and 3 men have gotten the entire front of our house/gate area done.  They have the whole rest of the house to go.  Oh, fun.  It hasn’t been that bad.  It just smells pretty potent 24/7.  They have done an amazing job so far, though!

I hosted my first Team Kid Saturday Morning Activity Time (it has no name, I just titled it that for your understanding) this morning.  Tara D. helped me, which was amazing!  I couldn’t have kept them all in line by myself. 🙂  We successfully had 7 of them participating in Crafts and Games at the same time, so that was fun.  I hope to host this once a month.  I just realized that I had so many resources (books/websites/craft supplies) that I wasn’t using, so I thought having a fun Saturday morning activity time once a month might be good.  God blessed it this morning for sure!

We’ve decided to let our house help go at the end of March.  Some of you might not even know we have house help.  Anyway…we do.  She (Yenny) comes 3 days a week and helps clean.  She cooks on occasion for lunch…maybe once every week and half or so.  She started work the day after Corban was born.  Don’t get me wrong…it’s nice to have.  I just felt really different about it once we got back to Peru.  I’ve always sort of liked my days that I have to myself…without her coming…and I think we just decided it was time to do something different.  Really, there were several emotions and thoughts that helped us come to this decision, but at any rate…Yenny won’t be working for us anymore after March.  We do plan to use her for babysitting now and then, though, because she LOVES our kids and we really trust her with them.  I don’t regret our decision, but I will miss her company and how the kids enjoy having her around.  Oh…and the help at times! (gotta be honest!)

Corban pretty much repeats any and all words he hears.  So, Spanish hasn’t been a barrier for him since we’ve been back.  It shouldn’t be.  He’s just nearly 18m.  Cailyn is very much accepting Spanish better since we’ve come back.  She is more open to answering people in Spanish, which she sort of avoided before.  She is starting a sort of pre-school March 7th.  It’s all in Spanish, so that should help her take off.

I am really looking forward to diving into some new Bible studies starting this past Thursday and in the following weeks.  I SO need some new direction!

Speaking of direction…I am way back on board with the whole exercise thing.  I cannot say how thankful I am to have girl teammates who desire to do this with me.  If you’re a young mother…or really any woman in any stage…I would 100% recommend finding yourself an exercise group/partner.  I absolutely love my girlfriends, and when we can stay healthy together, it’s the best.  6am is our hour of choice.  Well…mostly due to the fact that those munchkins start waking up not too much later than that. 🙂

Ok, I’m going to stop blabbing about all of the random thoughts I have.  OH…one more thing.

I kind of mentioned to Justin that I thought we should save the money we would normally be paying Yenny each month…for a few months…and then possibly purchase one of those iRobot Roomba (click on it to see the website) vacuum cleaners.  Does anyone out there have one of these??  I have all hard wood floors, tile in the kitchen, and a few rugs that aren’t hard to vacuum over.  We get dust/dirt that blows in CONSTANTLY, and sweeping is something we have to do here like 24/7 to try and keep the floor even halfway decent.  And…no…it’s not JUST because we leave the doors open in the day time.  There are no sealed doorways/windows in our house…so, I’m sure you can imagine.  If you do, please tell me if you like it, if it’s worth the price, which model you have/like, etc!  I would LOVE some feedback if anyone has any to give!

And…just some pictures of what the kids have been working on lately…

Playdoh…always fun.

Letter Learning Crafts

(most of which I get from this AMAZING website…

Brother does stuff too…like play with pom poms…

(and, yes, you can totally see only ONE area of our walls in this picture)

or…put stickers on paper (which takes all of like 3 minutes of his attention)

For the letter “B”, I set up a baby “nursery” in our living room.  Cailyn L.O.V.E.D it!  She played forever!

We went out to a small pool/resort area with our team yesterday.  We all take Fridays off normally, so occasionally we all do something together.  It’s nice to take advantage of the swim time during our few short months of summer here.

Liam Fletcher & Corban

Maddox Fletcher & Jakob Yoakum

Parker Davidson & Cailyn

Guess I better end this.  Justin and Cailyn left the house at 4pm for a birthday party, and they just walked in…at 10:15pm.  Welcome back to Peru.


4 responses to “This & That

  1. I have several friends who swear by the Roomba. I don’t have personal experience, but they all rave about it. Glad you guys are getting settled back in! I hope to meet you all when I visit Lima in April.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!! Loved reading your “random” thoughts~and seeing all the cute, cute pictures! Sounds like you all are back in full swing of everything~~that’s great!
    Love y’all~~ Susan

  3. Alison, I don’t have any experience with the Roomba either, but we bought a small vacuum cleaner here in Cusco a couple of months back that I love. It’s made by Electrolux, and it’s called Ergorapido. It’s cordless and has a little unit that you charge it in as well as a detachable dustbuster. It’s cheap, too, so it might be worth checking into. It was really fun going out to eat with you guys! Maybe next time we’re in Lima we can hang out more.

  4. Look at all of the GREEN grass!!! So jealous right now! I can’t wait until summer, spending everyday outside swimming. So much fun. I am going to have to check that craft website out for sure. I really need to get better about doing that type of stuff with them.

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