Settling in…

Well, we’re about to begin our 5th day back in Lima (tomorrow), and we’ve officially named it “Finish Unpacking/Organize it/Buy the bin you need for it/De-clutter” Day.  Justin and I hit the ground running when it came to unpacking, and that is almost all we did Friday and Saturday.  Well…at least that’s all we did in between the times we were making sure the kids weren’t being ignored. 🙂  But, we still just have a few (well, a few plus some) more things to accomplish.  Therefore, Justin is taking a personal day (THANK YOU!!!) instead of going out with the guys tomorrow for work.  I SO appreciate a husband who can see my need and is willing to do what he can to fulfill it!  I feel like my days are sort of a half-hearted mess.  I can only give so much to the kids because there are piles to step over and things I must get done, and yet I can’t quite get those piles cleared and to-do lists finished because the kids need me.  That’s always sort of how it is when we have to pack to go to the States or unpack after returning, although this time we have 4 months worth of stuff to organize.  Plus, the kids closets are full of winter clothes from when we left, but it’s blazing hot here now.  Oh…and they’ve both grown a size.  So, not only am I unpacking their things, but I have to go through everything in their closets to make sure we’ve got the right season and size going on.  I-‘-m.A-l-m-o-s-t.D-o-n-e. (that’s about how slow it feels)

Tomorrow.  That’s my day!

On another note.  We were welcomed home by a leaky kitchen sink (there was water all over the kitchen floor Saturday morning), a house phone that would receive calls but not make them (why is it that the phone company can’t quite figure out how to merge themselves with someone else without messing everyone’s phone up for a good 24hours?),  some more leaking in our car…on the inside…maybe from the AC??, and TERRIBLE cracking/peeling/puffing up spots ALL over our house where the concrete has just gotten wet somehow (probably bad pipe jobs in the house) and caused our house paint to peel/puff up/grow fuzzy stuff on it.  That whole last thing has happened since we’ve lived here, but it looks absolutely horrible now…oh, joy.  Add to list:  #25: call landlord and ask about them paying for someone to come and fix our walls since justin can’t afford to spend another 3 weeks in personal days so that he can peel, scrape, lather on some goop to help the walls, and re-paint… of the house.

Honestly, all of this doesn’t surprise me.  I am sort of laughing about it.

In other news.  One of our 4 interns had a spill at the beach, and he broke his collar bone.  Sad times for Kyle Westbrook for sure.  He had to have surgery to do all sorts of plating and screwing in there, and now it looks like he might just have to recover at home in Texas for quite a while.  Please, please pray for him.  I know he’s in pain, but I’m sure it’s also emotionally difficult to let go of the expectations he had for his time here in Peru.  Pray for all of us that we can be supportive for him as well as Kyle G., Taylor, and Jenny who will be left here without their good friend…at least for a while.

The kids are LOVING our yard these days.  Today they basically got dirty and had to be hosed down about 4 different times due to how dusty and dirty it is when they play outside.  They loved it, though.  And I love that they can both sit at our kid table on our back patio for lunch in between waterhose/pool time.  Lovin’ this summer thing!

Did I mention that we’re so glad to be back?!

Here are a few “first days back” photos. 🙂

Chillin’ outside in his yard…

dirty face…

Corban’s ball pit missed us…

Our great teammates, the Davidsons, welcomed us in many ways (one being that they hired a mariachi band to greet us in song at the airport!)…these brownies they brought us, that might or might not almost be all gone, are TO.DIE.FOR!

our taste testers approved!…

3 responses to “Settling in…

  1. Oh Alison–I can’t help but feel overwhelmed for you! But you have such a sense of humor about it and such a good attitude. Just want yall to know we love your family and your team so very much. I’ll be praying for you as get back into routine and life starts to take shape one more time in Peru. Love you guys!

  2. after 4 days of being snowed in and not leaving the house i am jealous of your summer weather!! I can’t wait for pool season!! Glad you guys made it back and I hope you get settled soon 🙂

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