Christmas in College Station :)

We had a great time this holiday season, and we’re sad it’s all come to an end.  Hannah and Jason flew back home to DC this morning, so we’re back to just the 6 of us…us and my parents.  Our traveling has slowed down some, which only means we have a good 13 straight days that we won’t be in the car traveling since the day we came back from College Station to Abilene for our 2nd Christmas with my family until we go to the DFW area to visit with a new church on the 9th.  Was that a run-on sentence?  Life has felt a bit like a run-on sentence lately…so, I guess it’s fitting.

Here’s a run down of all the fun we had celebrating this season while in CS…

We started Christmas Eve with a yummy Potato Soup/Chili/Cornbread dinner.  SO YUM!

Corban embraced the meal!

Cailyn opted for fruity cheerios over our soup/chili meal…she has no idea what she’s missing!

Preciousness!  She’s ready to listen to Allie serenade us with Christmas carols on her viola!

(pretty sure she looks WAY.TOO.OLD!)

Corban’s trying to get in on the concert action.  He’s always been mesmerized by guitars.

I’m surprised I even got a picture of the 3 of them as Justin read “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, because Corban WOULD NOT sit still.  SO not what I had planned for our special tradition time…haha…WHAT was I thinking?!

Time for our 3 elves to start passing out the gifts!

He LOVED his new remote controlled car from Nana!

And she couldn’t get enough of her new Belle princess doll!

Yummy Freebirds for FREE from Uncle P-Rex!

Getting the “Easy Bake Oven Cookies” ready to be baked!

Decorating Santa’s cookies. 🙂

Here is Cailyn’s letter to Santa.  I just wrote what she told me to.  Unfortunately, Santa was not bringing any of the things she mentioned she wanted (mostly due to the fact that she had never mentioned them before…haha), and I have NOT a clue where she got the idea that Corban wanted a baby Elmo.  We don’t even watch Sesame Street or anything.  Santa did deliver me a new shirt, though.  Lucky me. 🙂

Everything above was Christmas Eve, and Santa had 1 gift for each of them on Christmas morning.  Corban was too busy eating old snacks out of his snack cup to realize there was anything going on, but Cailyn new the drill.

I have like 5 pictures of Cailyn opening her gift and Corban in the background eating his stale goldfish.  He did, though…finally!…realize there was a new tricycle there for him.  Please begin praying we figure out how to disassemble that enough to fit into our suitcases when we go back to Peru. 🙂

Already decorating her new cupcakes…

“Smile and show me some of your stocking treats!”

Corbs had fun with his new, Peruvian finger puppets that came in his stocking.

Thanks for all of the wonderful gifts, family!  We had a great time celebrating the holiday with you!


One response to “Christmas in College Station :)

  1. Loved your post and pictures, Alison! Great pictures and captions!!
    Know Christmas was wonderful! You all look great—the kids are growing up–and they are precious! We love you all~~~

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