Cailyn & Corban (except It’s all about Cailyn…haha)

I haven’t really updated on the kids much recently, so I thought I would do just that.  I’m also attempting to get it in before I have pictures of Christmas that are also just sitting and waiting to be posted.

The kids are just simply a joy these days.  I mean, we have our moments, hours, morning/afternoons, days…etc. 🙂  But…don’t we all.  In general, they are both in such a fun stage, and we are loving it!  Before Thanksgiving, a dear friend, Hannah Vickers, took some photos of the kids.  They are precious, and we are so thankful.  Here are a couple of my favorites. If you click here or on her name, you can see where she posted more/others on her blog.  Thanks, Hannah!  You and your sweet kids have been wonderful “new” friends for us while we’ve been back in Abilene!

I think this is a favorite, because it just shows how sweet Cailyn can be with Corban.  He LOVES her, too!

This next one is all about Corban’s personality…very aware that we think he’s absolute cuteness!

This picture of Cailyn is my all-time favorite!

Cailyn’s Favorites:

  • She colors/cuts/pastes something new every day.  She can cut and color like a champ.  I know I’m her mom, but I’m not lying. 😉
  • She’s really into hot chocolate these days.  One of her December treats was a little mug that you can decorate.  Quite the excuse for hot chocoalte, I’m afraid.
  • She prides herself in doing everything on her own, and that’s nice…usually.
  • She would go to the library every day if we took her, which is something we’ll miss deeply when we go back to Peru.
  • She will sit for an hour sometimes and read books to herself.  She’s really into checking out early reader chapter books from the library, and somehow she finds something to “make up” about them.  I limit her to one of those, and we try to get picture books otherwise.
  • She is listening to a chapter a night of “Charlotte’s Web” with her Daddy-O and Honey.  She’s enjoying that.

  • She had a terrible fit at McDonald’s today that came out of nowhere (I ended up carrying both her and corban out of there in my arms…not cool, people!), but I still feel like I can say her behavior is progressively getting better as the months go by.
  • She is a COMPLETELY different child here in the States than in Peru when it comes to talking to people she doesn’t know.  She makes friends 100 times faster here.  In Peru she normally just smiles and watches the kids play…not to mention the stares/frown faces she gives adults there.  She’s a bit better here with adults, too.  I think part of it has to do with the fact that they kiss one another on the cheeks when they greet one another in Peru, and she is totally not about this.  She needs time to warm up. 🙂  We’re praying her new-found confidences transfer when we go back home to Peru.
  • She still can’t recognize her ABC’s, but we’re beginning to work on it (she knows the song and all…just not what each one looks like).  I feel like maybe I’m behind on that, but mom is helping me tons!  She has a letter folder for her now that they work in often.  Please tell me some of the rest of you have children that didn’t learn that (without the help of daycare/school) before they were 4 years old!  Honestly, I just need to get on the ball.
  • She reads to herself for over an hour at night after we put her to bed.  We used to give her a huge stack of books, but then we narrowed it down to 10 because she would read for like 2 hours sometimes.  Now it’s 5.  Get the picture?  That means she’s asleep normally by 9:30-10pm.

Here she is reading her “Arthur” chapter book. 🙂  Brother loves to read, too. 🙂

  • We are hoping to be back to Peru soon so that she can start a pre-K type school in March…that’s when their new school year starts.  Please pray that God is clear with us if this is not his plan!

My parents took the kids to an amazing children’s museum when we were on a trip to meet with a church in Colorado recently.  Cailyn stayed at the painting station for quite some time.  She adored it!

The final product:  a rainbow…(surrounded by as much paint as she could fit on her paper)

Well, I’ll stop there.  I was going to write about Corban, but that will have to come later this week.  I’ve already put way too much in this one post.  Until next time…


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