That’s all we hear these days out of Corban’s mouth. 🙂  Actually, he’s is saying new words left and right, and we are LOVING it!

Puh-kih (pumpkin) is all he talks about, and it’s easy to be reminded of them seeing as they’re EVERYWHERE now, right?!  Mom and I took the kids to a cool little pumpkin patch today.  They loved it, and we even got there in time for the free hay ride!  Too fun.  Here’s a few of the pictures I took…oh, and some of the “Happy pumpkin” (in Cailyn’s words) we carved with the kids.

Cailyn insisted we make it a happy face WITHOUT teeth…whatever, right?

Halloween treats from the bank on our way to the pumpkin patch!!

nothing like a good pumpkin tattoo 🙂

this was pretty much the best shot I got of them…not so great…haha

Although all were smiling for the camera, Honey’s eyes were the only ones that could take the sun when I said, “Cheese!”  Notice the little kid to the right of my mom…come to find out, his name was Corban, too.  Guess that’s why he looked when I yelled out the kids’ names.  Hmm…if THAT Corban could look at me, why couldn’t my own kids??

we didn’t buy any pumpkins, but Cailyn would have bought ALL of the small ones had we let her. 🙂

that’s all, folks!



4 responses to “Puh-Kih!!!

  1. How fun!!! I have been seeing pictures of people at pumpkin patches. What a great time for your kids to be “home.” You got some really great pictures. I LOVE Corban’s little hair cut. He is so adorable.
    MK has been doing new things left and right. A few days ago she just kind of “took off.” Her word right now is “ball.” Anything that resembles it gets called on. So fun. 🙂

  2. Okay, these pix are so good, they’re better than “puh-kih” pie…and I LOVE puh-kih pie. While this visit may not have been in your plans, it sure has been GREAT.

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