Has it really been that long?

It is hard to imagine that it’s been since Corban’s birthday that I have posted anything here.  As more time goes by, it makes it harder and harder to think about catching up…SO…here it goes.  I would just start from where life is now, but there is just way too much in our life that has changed for me to ignore writing about it…well, updating those of you that actually read this. 🙂

Because there’s no other way to really introduce this, I figure it’s just as well I go ahead and say it.  Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago, the church that we were nearly fully supported by chose to immediately cut off all financial support that they gave us.  Seeing as it was a few days into September and October 1st would come quickly, we were not really given much choice but to immediately come back to the States in order to try and secure something new so that our bills could be paid when the 1st hit.  So, here we are.  In Abilene, Texas.

The story doesn’t end there, though.  Just a couple of days upon hearing the news that we didn’t have the support of our former church, the A&M Church of Christ, in College Station, Texas (where I grew up) came to us saying they desired to step in and allow God to use them to bless our family.  We are proud to say that our family is being supported for up to 6 months if we need it by the A&M CofC.  Not only this, but the members there have truly showered us with blessings.  We have borrowed car seats and high chairs, been given goodie buckets for the kids, had groceries bought for us, been picked up and transported from the airport, been given a car to use while we are in the States, been invited into homes for encouragement, and the list goes on.  We have also had people give us the gift of traveling cash…so helpful!  We have LOVED being loved on, and it has been a humbling experience.  This help made it possible for us to nearly forget the stress we felt in those first hours of receiving the news of losing our support.  Definitely a blessing from God.

On September 14th, we boarded a plane (or two) for Houston, TX.  I packed about a week’s worth of clothes for both of the kids, because I knew I would be able to make that last 2-4 weeks if I had to.  Justin and I sort of agreed that we would stay in the States for 2-3 weeks, because I have a plane ticket (even as I write this) from Peru to Brazil for October 2nd.  There is a Missionary Women’s Conference in Brazil that I have been planning on attending.  God has just shown us over the past week and a half that our time here is in his hands.  His timing is perfect.  While it hurts to think about not being home in Peru for an indefinite amount of time, we have put our emotions in God’s hands.  I reminded God the other morning (haha) that I have looked forward to this conference for a while.  He seems to be reminding me that he always has the best plan.  Therefore, we will stay here until we feel God has secured something new for us.

Some people have asked us if we plan to return to Peru.  Without sounding rude, my first thought is…”DUH!” haha.  Ok, that’s rude.  No, honestly, that is a fair question, but it just hasn’t been one we’ve asked ourselves.  Our home is there.  Literally…our furniture is just as if we left for the weekend.  Yenny, who helps us around the house, is expecting us back.  Our landlords have a contract with us.  MORE IMPORTANTLY, Luis JUST got baptized and is hopefully expecting Justin to return so that they can continue studying the book of Mark when he shows up to work outside of our house each evening.  Jose and Maribel just told us they want to participate in a Bible study with us on a weekly basis.  I meet with Stacy and Anna each week to encourage one another and study Scripture.  The kids’ friends are there.  Our pediatrician is expecting us to drop by for Corban’s 13m shots soon.  Get the picture?  Our life is there.  We haven’t felt God saying in any way that we are done with our work there.

At this point, we have been in Abilene since last Thursday.  It has been an amazing blessing to be here, because Abilene Christian University just ended their annual Lectureships, called Summit.  Justin and I were able to connect with so many people, and God provided a place for us to be where tons of church leaders were all at once.  What a gas saver! 🙂

This past week has been one that we needed.  We have been reaffirmed by loved ones and close friends, and it has been a reminder of how blessed we are to have such influential and encouraging people in our lives.  It wasn’t a week full of only fundraising and connecting with churches, but it was a week full of seeing old friends.  So great!

At this point, God has put numerous possibilities in our path.  We (well, Justin, really) are working hard to do our part, and while that is draining in moments, we are learning more about ourselves and the God we serve.  Thanks to all who have cared for us, jumped in to say, “WE WANT TO GIVE TO YOU!”, connected us with the right people, encouraged us with your words, prayed for us, put hands on us and prayed over us, helped us put things into perspective, allowed us to borrow things, sent money without even letting us know, continued to support us, and so much more.  We are beyond blessed.

Here are a few pictures that have come out of our time here.

pretty sure she’s calling some spirits in this next one…

this is just kind of a norm for corban…it all goes in the mouth

my attempt at a group photo…no such luck. 🙂

cailyn loves her some sprinkler!

corban: not so sure…

he had more fun doing this…


10 responses to “Has it really been that long?

  1. praying for you and for God’s provision in your lives… He always provides, and it’s wonderful to hear how He’s working…

  2. Wow…I didn’t know any of this was going on…thanks for the update and sharing everything that’s going on. If you’re headed to the DFW area and need a rest stop let us know. We’re about 2 hours east of Abilene off I-20. Love you guys. God is good.

  3. Always good to hear the way God is moving in your lives. I know your faith and trust in Him will sustain you and guide you during this time. Enjoy time with grandparents and family!

  4. Sounds like you are being given opportunities to grow in faith. Thanks for your update and your honesty. Praying that God will direct you.

  5. Praying and thinking of you guys often. May God continue to reveal Himself to you in tangible and powerful ways daily. And may new support come soon so you can get back “home”. Yet until then, may you be able to soak up this unexpected time “home” with family and friends and be blessed beyond measure despite the stress. Love you guys. Your children are absolutely beautiful!

  6. We’re praying for you guys. I know this must be an incredibly difficult thing to experience, but I know God will provide for you when you are doing HIs work. I’m glad you’ve been able to enjoy your time in the states so far. I know you guys are doing a great work in Lima, and we are praying that you can return as soon as possible! Sad that I won’t get to see you in Brazil, but hopefully it will work out to where you’ll be able to go still.

  7. Thanks for the update and pictures. It is so good to know that God is sustaining you through this transition and you and Justin are showing the rest of us a Christian example of dependence, submission, and patience! Thank you! We’ll be praying for you and want to help.

  8. You are a HUGE inspiration to us! You have put your trust in God’s control of your lives. That is a true spiritual accomplishment in today’s world. We are very proud that you are weathering life’s storm with such positive and determined attitudes! We love you much and know that you will be back at work in Lima very soon!

  9. Alison, I am really behind on everything. I’m sorry! I want you to know that I am praying for you and your sweet family and I am confident God will provide in the most perfect way. He always does, doesn’t He? Thanks for your well written reminder about waiting on God’s timing!

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