Corban’s 1st Birthday Party!

Well, we had a great time.  I have a ton of pictures, so I’ll just share those.

Corban and Yenny, who helps us around the house, with his new shirt she gave him…he LOVES Yenny!

My inspiration for the cake…NOT a picture of the one I actually made.

cake in process…

playing outside…

he loved the singing!

sadly enough, the smiles from the picture above didn’t last, because he was so sad we put him back in his high chair.  he did NOT care about the cake at that point, because he just didn’t want to be in his chair.  i was sad about that.  oh well.  i know he liked the cake, though, because i let him eat a couple of shaved off pieces earlier in the day as i was baking it.  he gobbled them up then, so i had high hopes.  as i said…oh well.

he looks disgusted…haha

officially upset we’re making him do this…

corban was definitely popular as he opened gifts.  maybe one of these days they’ll give the birthday kid a BIT more space…

It was a fun party.  I can’t believe we’re already making our way to 13months.  Wow.  Corban is truly a joy.

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