Well, we made it.  Corban is ONE!! (well, by tonight he will be)  Last year on this day I was going into labor around 2pm, and by 8:30pm, Corban was born.  It was quick and painless.  Oh…wait.  I mean, quick and full of tons of pain.  Either way, I am SO glad it happened!  Corban is a never-ending joy to us.  He has made this past year one of our best yet!  As I type this now, he is in his bed squawking at me to come and get him up from his nap…that he hasn’t even started yet.  Oh boy.

I’m pretty sure I never could have imagined how different having a boy from having a girl is, but it has proven to be an adventure.  As we thought about what we wanted to get Corban for his birthday, I really struggled, because nothing really seemed worthy enough of our money.  Not because he ONLY gets the best, but because he doesn’t sit still long enough for any of those toys that say “12m+” on the box and he’s not smart enough for the “24m+” toys…not that I’m trying to put him down or anything…haha.  Exactly the opposite of my problem when Cailyn was One.  The decision was hard because she WOULD sit still and concentrate on one toy for a while, and there is SO much out there to get!  Honestly, this year, with Corban, was so much more releasing.  We bought one thing, and he loves it!  A BALL PIT!

Simple, great for a boy, great for company, and an easy clean up…no money wasted!

This was taken at 7:15am…right when he came downstairs this morning…

We plan to have his birthday party (aka…eat cake and socialize) tomorrow night with our team and a few Peruvian friends that have come to love our sweet boy.  Should be fun.  I plan on baking his cake…a train.  I found an adorable train cake online that I hope to copy.  My only problem is that pretty much ALL of the candy used to decorate it cannot be found here in Peru.  I’m improvising.  Hopefully it turns out.

AlL ABoUt cORbaN…aT OnE…

  • He yells, “MAMÁ”, ALL.THE.TIME.  Just imagine what a 35 yr. old male, who still lives at home, sounds like when he’s lazily sitting on the couch watching tv and calling out for his mother to bring him another Dr. Pepper.  Loud, obnoxious, and without a care to what room mom is in. He needs her assistance…like…now.  Oh, and add a sort of hispanic accent to the end of mamÁ.  That’s what he does.  I hear it all day long…no matter where he is…no matter where I am.  It makes me laugh. 🙂
  • Took his first steps just before he hit 11 months.  Slowly decided that was his new mode of transportation, and we can safely say he has been mostly walking for about a week now.  Also…very different from Cailyn.  We had a few more months of crawling with her.  I can’t decide what I like better.  Probably this, because he’s been crawling for so long that he is insanely fast.  He’s a bit slower this way. hah!
  • We MUST latch him in ALL high chairs.  I’m not sure we ever used the latch for Cailyn, but he pretty much stands up every time if we don’t latch him in.  Most restaurants here have wooden high chairs, so Justin basically has to undress himself (hah…just kidding)…we use his belt everywhere we go to make sure Corban is secure. 🙂
  • He screams a lot.  Now, Cailyn is a Screamer.  Capital “S” – not just she screams on occasion, but a Screamer.  We are trying to prevent ourselves from having a second one.  Actually, I need to report that God has brought us MUCH deliverance from this screaming thing with Cailyn.  He has been so faithful.  Anyway, we pop Corban in the mouth when he screams now.  We are NOT trying to let it get out of hand, because we know how trying it is to deal with a child who screams when she’s upset.  I think I might feel bad about how it probably stings when we pop his mouth, but, like I said, been there done that and NOT trying to do it again.
  • He pretty much is happy playing with this while I am in the kitchen and busy…

**yes, it’s long and hits the cabinets and cailyn…and me, but it keeps him busy and out of his sister’s “activities” at her table.  the last being our #1 priority. 🙂

  • Our house literally has nothing he can grab at that is within his reaching level.  That sounds insane, but it is a MUST.  He has learned to leave the one thing that is within his reach alone…my Peruvian vase in our entryway.  Thankfully.  Otherwise, we have locks on all doors, etc.  My life is much less stressful like this.
  • He wants to do EVERYTHING Cailyn does.  Typical little brother.   He’s also not wanted half the time.  She wants him to play, but he is more of a bother due to wanting to eat everything still.  This is not to say, though, that they don’t totally love laughing and chasing one another for much of the day.
  • He has 2 full bottom teeth, 2 Vampire teeth coming in, and his middle two top ones are barely peeking through.  He does look like Dracula.
  • He got his first hair cut a few days ago.  Bittersweet, but he really needed it.


After…and being silly…

  • His Dr. said he was doing well this morning at his appointment.  He still cries every time the Dr. takes him from me to set him on the scale.  Like…he thinks he’s leaving me forever.  He has separation issues sometimes…haha.
  • He weighs the same as he did a month ago – 23.6lbs., and he is 29.9in long.
  • He is a momma’s boy through and through.  There was a week, about 2 months ago, that we thought he might be growing out of this.  He’s not.
  • He eats anything…literally…that we put in front of him, and he is still working on signing (he can, he just doesn’t always do it) “more” and “all done” at meal times…instead of screaming.
  • He talks, and talks, and talks, and talks…all.the.time.
  • He is not a snuggler.  I have said this before, I think.  It still makes me sad.  He’s still nursing once in the morning and right before bed at night.  I am mostly holding onto nursing for me and the “snuggle” time that it provides.  He will stop nursing soon, because I am going on a women’s retreat to Brazil Oct. 2…well, that’s not that soon.

We just love, love, love him.  Of course.  Stephanie, my teammate, has told me she thinks she sees a “little maddox” in the making.  Their son, Maddox, is probably into more random things than any kid I know.  He always has been.  He’s just so curious.  I have given her a hard time about it before, but she knows I love him. 🙂  Anyway, Corban does remind, even me, of Maddox and all that he is busy with.  They are both just in their own worlds and can find the tiniest of things that you’ve tried to hide from all kids.  It keeps a momma busy!

We wouldn’t trade him for the world!

Happy Birthday, sweet Boy!


11 responses to “ONE!

  1. Happy Birthday to Corban!! It is SO good to read all about Corban and all of you—We’ve missed you! Love to all, Susan

  2. Yeah! Happy Birthday Corban! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Can’t believe how big he is! Love reading about the unique little guy that he is and is becoming. Thank you!

  3. well, i went back to June 08 in your blog and compared the two kiddos, dad and still see some similarities if you can ever get beyond the dark hair and eyes, hahaha. we love the pictures, they keep us laughing and smiling all day. the overalls look good!! happy birthday to our sweet Corban from Honey!!

  4. Happy Birthday Corban! What a cutie 🙂 I love this post Alison! You’re such a fun and incredible mommy and I love watching you with your kids and reading your posts about them. Your love for them totally shines through! Here’s to another fun year of learning and growing!

  5. I love how you capture your children’s presonality through the blog as you did here and in other ones. It will be great looking back on in 20 years when they are off at college! No rush though because I know you have lots of enjoying to do from now until then! Great pictures too and I love the bday present idea!

  6. GREAT post, great pics, and here’s a HAPPY BIRTHDAY all the way from sweet, sweet Abilene! (Love the adorable little dents in his chubby baby hand…awww…)

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