Medical Campaign!!

Well, there is just so many wonderful things to say about the Medical Campaign that took place this past Saturday, Sunda, and Monday.  The guys on our team definitely gave themselves up in service to God and allowed themselves to be used beyond a shadow of a doubt!  They have been meeting, giving up their time, spending late nights working, running errands, negotiating with people for meal and transportation prices, informing our volunteers from the States about how to prepare, praying, and SO much more, that I just cannot overlook thanking them publicly like this.  Honestly, they desired for God to be glorified through this entire process, but they also took on the responsibility that God gives us to prepare for events such as this one, and I am so thankful for their hard work.

So, all that to say, GOD WAS GLORIFIED!  There were countless lives that were touched through all that went on, and it was amazing to be here to see it!  We had over 30 volunteers from the States come to help us – doctors, dentists, moms, dads, children, nurses, teachers, couples, singles, etc.   SO many people from different walks of life that came together to serve.  It was just wonderful to see how God sent us the PERFECT group of people to accomplish what He wanted done.  Thank you to everyone who gave up their time and money to come.  Also, thank you to anyone who helped pay for one of these volunteers to come.  We recognize that this campaign could not have taken place in the way that it did had there not been MULTIPLE people sacrifice in MULTIPLE different ways.

First, I want to share a link to the awesome video that our teammate, John Mark Davidson, made.  It captures so much of what went on, and it is such a great representation of how much we loved being a part of this event.


There are a ton of pictures of the campaign on facebook.  So, if you are friends with any of my teammates, check out their facebook pages.  I also have some posted there.  Sorry, because I have no clue how to link that photo album to my blog from facebook.  Anyway, here are just a few to get you interested in checking out the rest. 🙂

My wonderful husband was in charge of ALL things food…here is what he cooked for our lunch on Saturday…his grandmother’s sloppy joe (barbecue for all of you ND people!) recipe…30lbs of ground beef with some YUMMY sauce…we filled EVERY single plastic and glass container we owned once it was all cooked

Justin and Cailyn got to pass out some cute little monkey toys that some of the volunteers from Tennesse (our supporting church) brought.  They were a HIT!

We used a small school that happened to be closed for the Peruvian Independence Day Holiday here.  So, the people would enter a group at a time and then go through a sign-in table to know which line to get in.  This line had only JUST begun!  Soon there were a ton of people…

Alongside the medical and dental work that was done, there were several men and young men that worked on a few building projects.  One of them was to add a bit on to the play area for the school that we were using.  They started out with a few swings and one slide, and they ended up with a bit more than that!  Here’s the work in progress…

This was our great dental team.  They did a fantastic job!

Basically, there are a lot more pictures, but I can’t begin to share them all on here.  Go check them all out on facebook for sure!

Like I said before, we had a wonderful time.  Tonight Justin and I were talking with my parents, and they asked how it all had gone, and we realized that there really hadn’t been even one thing that just went completely wrong.  Yes, we have some things we might change in the future if and when we do this again, and of course there were some things we could say went differently than expected.  Despite this, God allowed the entire time to run as smoothly as possible.  We are just so thankful to have been a part of this!  Hope you enjoy watching the video and seeing all of our photos!  Thanks to all who prayed for this event to run smoothly!


One response to “Medical Campaign!!

  1. I have read all of your posts about this campaign and I can hear the excitement in every perspective. I am so happy that it all went well. God be glorified! Won’t it be awesome to exchange stories at the next retreat after another year! He is certainly at work in Peru.

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