The Branches know our home!

Well, we were really honored to share our life here in Lima with Drew and Tara Branch (Powell) this past week.  They just left at 4am (!) this morning, so we’re fresh off of their visit.  (**Yes, I am just now getting back to this post that I began like a week ago.  They left on the 14th…oops)  Drew basically took a ton of pictures, and we took, well…almost none.  So, THANK YOU so much, Drew, for letting us steal your pictures from you so that we had some proof that you guys came!

We packed our time with them, but we also had some good down time…just plain old chillin’ in la casa, you know?  Here is a bit of what we did…

Walked…we pass this stuff all the time – in our car.  So, it was nice to see it again from the perspective of the pedestrian.

Yes, our grocery store is called, “Wong”.  I know.

We visited the neighborhood that is home to several of the people we’ve been getting to know as a team.  This house is the house all of our great guys built for a single mom and her 3 daughters.  Not much, right?  They did an awesome job, but it is just insane to think about this actually being someone’s home.

We hung out by the beach…which consists of taking in the sound of the water coming off of the rocks…pretty cool, and throwing rocks into the ocean – at least in the winter time.

We traveled out to Cieneguilla for the day (a small town outside of Lima) for some good relaxation.  The Yoakums went with us, so the kids (and adults some, too) got to play on this fairly unsafe, really tall, Swiss Family Robinson-type playground.  Honestly, it creeps me out to walk across that bridge, but the kids love it.

our entertainment that day…

and, we did a little of this…it was a great day!

We had a fantastic double date one night at this restaurant.  SO tasty, and out on the water.  It was a good time!


They helped us teach the 5th grade class that we go to each week for English lessons…we learned the names for various “emotions”…

So, we did a lot.  They were the perfect guests.  They were eager to do anything we suggested, and they even ventured out on their own.  We totally enjoyed having them! I saw that Tara posted today on their blog about their visit here.  Go check it out by clicking here!  It will give you her perspective of their trip here.  She summed it up really well!

Thanks, Drew & Tara, for all that you brought us, the ways you helped us out while you were here, and for taking time out of your summer to come and see how life looks for us.  We were encouraged by you, we loved laughing with you, and it is so neat to be able to say we shared our ministry here with you in such an intimate way.  The morning you left, Cailyn asked me, “Are they coming back to our house soon?”  It made me sad to say that that probably wasn’t going to happen, but it really warmed my heart that she was able to experience a week getting to know some of her parents’ dear friends.  We love you guys!


One response to “The Branches know our home!

  1. nothing like long time friends who you do not have to explain history to. God will bless the insight you each have for one another and the lives you walk through. fun to read about. it was a complete story with tara’s blog too!!

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