(***Even though I am posting for a second time tonight…DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE AMAZING VIDEO (and my post) ABOUT OUR BLANKET DRIVE…the FRAZALATERA!)

We meet in the Fletcher’s home for church each Sunday, and today was no different.  Happy 4th, by the way!  The only difference this time was that when we walked outside their house after everything was over, we found this…

imagine this next picture…times 4 doors…

yeah…our CD case with all of our CDs was in the glove compartment…that is no longer ours…

seriously, if you’re gonna cut the wires to our battery, just take the stupid thing, too!

No, your eyes are NOT deceiving you.  Our car was practically stolen.

As we walked outside, Justin asked me if I had lifted the hood when I returned from a quick trip to the grocery store in between church and a short team meeting we had afterward.  I told him I hadn’t meant to, but that I possibly had hit the button.  I wasn’t sure.  Then, Justin went to unlock the door and all I heard was, “Oh…my…goodness…EVERYTHING was stolen out of my car!”

My first thoughts went to the stroller and the carseat, our CDs, Justin’s ipod that we connect through the CD player on occasion that we hide under the seat so no one sees it when we aren’t in the car.  Then, I realized…No…all of that (minus our CDs) was STILL in the car!  Uh…what?!

Yes, folks, those jerks just wanted our car parts to sell to someone who told them they would pay them for stolen car parts.  All seems a bit twisted, right?

Immediately, we had a few guards from nearby streets help us out by letting us know that some “Serenazgo” (honestly, these guys are just glorified street guards who have their own cars and motorcycles…no guns, no right to ticket you, etc) had been camped out right outside the Fletcher’s home for a good while…5 motorcycles and one truck.  The neighbor said the same thing.  We’re not sure what to think of that, but either they were in on it, they turned their backs to it, or they must have JUST missed the action.  We don’t know.

We did call the police, but they sent Serenazgo dudes, and all they did was ride up and down the street with their blue lights flashing and a siren or two.  Huh?  We just did that, thanks.

We’re not sure if the people who did the dirty job were on foot or what, but they clearly were in a hurry and knew exactly what they needed.

On top of it all, I hate to admit it, but the real kicker to this story lies on my shoulders.

I am about 95% sure I forgot to re-lock the car when I returned from the grocery store.  yeah.  bad times.

I don’t know that I’ve EVER forgotten to do that before, so I’m not sure where my mind was today.  Justin has told me that after checking out the car a bit, he found that the passenger side lock is totally messed up and you can’t even stick the key in half way.  He wonders if I might be wrong and actually did lock the car.  I guess we’ll never be 100% sure on that.  Either way, I’d love to slap whoever thought it was ok to do that to us.  Once again, I realize that would not be the best choice of actions considering we’re trying to share Christ with the people here.  But, I’m just saying…

Well, after snapping a few photos, I left Justin at the Fletcher’s house and walked home with the kids in our stroller…it’s not a double stroller, by the way.  Cailyn stood on the front metal bar while I pushed them home.  It ended up being a blessing, because the laughter that she and Corban shared warmed my heart.  It also meant he didn’t fall asleep on our walk home, so I got to PUT him to sleep in his bed…a huge blessing that I’m sure you moms out there can understand.

As I walked home, I sensed such a peace (which is probably ironic considering it was probably my fault it happened…hmm).  No, honestly, I did feel God giving me such a reason to thank him.  I just want to end by sharing with you all what I am praising God for tonight:

  • A husband who NEVER ONCE griped at me or made me feel guilty for possibly forgetting to lock the car.
  • A sweet 3 year old that was able to entertain herself while we dealt with the whole mess
  • A sweet 3 year old that said, “OH, we GET to WALK HOME!” when I told her it was time to get out of the car and get her shoes on so we could go home.
  • The fact that the robbers were in too much of a hurry or were too dumb to realize that our carseat and stroller, Cailyn’s CD case full of music, and the box of clothes in our trunk would have made them A LOT MORE money!
  • The fact that our CDs (mine and Justin’s), while stolen, are almost all in our computer.  We will just have to put them all on blank CDs in order to listen to them in a CD player or in a car again.
  • We live in a place that is SO EASY to receive public transportation, so the fact that our friends, Drew and Tara Branch, are coming to visit us in 2 days (AHH!…so exciting!) is not stressful since we can all just hop in a taxi together to get where we need to go.
  • Justin was able to get in touch with our mechanic, and he plans to send someone to look at our car first thing in the morning.
  • The fact that our car was in front of the Fletcher’s house…that meant we didn’t have to get it towed somewhere for the night…we just pushed it into their garage…thanks, friends!  (not that it has anything else in it of value…haha)
  • Acutally…Praise GOD nothing under the hood was taken!
  • While we aren’t necessarily prepared for this kind of hit financially at the moment, we have FULL CONFIDENCE that GOD is in CONTROL.

4 responses to “Uh…what?

  1. because this is such a different situation than i imagine in the states, most of my thoughts keep going to where God took your thoughts of peacefulness. thanks for sharing where God was present in this situation. love you and i never wonder why you are there, God has you just where He knows you are to be!!

  2. Wow. Crazy. It’s such a terrible feeling. You seemed to have handled it amazingly well. Plus, I think you are wonder woman for being brave enough to walk home!!! After the break in at our home, I was a wreck!

    I can’t believe what they took…and the neighbors/guards “not seeing anything”…and what they left…!! CRAZY!

    So excited that Tara and Drew are coming! have a great time!

  3. Alison and Justin, We are sorry that this happened, but what an amazing attitude–on both of your parts. Not surprised, but still love the fact that you looked for things for which to be thankful. Love you all~~ Also loved your blanket drive post.!!

  4. Alison…so sorry! Your ability to still find reasons to be thankful in the midst of being robbed is as encouraging as it is astonishing. And what a blessing that Tara and Drew will be there to lift your spirits. Praying for you guys!

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