The Report I’ve Been Waiting to Give!

Well, I am really sorry not to have said anything yet about the wonderful outcome of our Frazalatera (Blanket Drive) on June 13th!  But…I am here to say that it went INCREDIBLY well!  We are so blessed to have been a part of this, and we need to make sure all of you that helped us financially to buy these blankets know that God was indeed present and represented well in this service project.  Numerous doors have been opened since our presence there on the 13th of June, and we are so excited about what is to come in the future.

Before I begin telling our story, please CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO!  A HUGE thanks to John Mark for capturing the heart of this service project!  Sorry we don’t have it on our site, but it is linked through the Davidson’s family website.  PLEASE check it out, because it gives such a great representation of what went on.

Let me give you a bit of information surrounding this project…

In late May, some of our team members suggested the idea of having a Frazalatera.  They saw a need for blankets as the weather here was changing and getting colder, so we joined as a team to announce our plan of action.  God overwhelmed us with the amounts of money that came in.   We more than doubled the goal we had originally, and ALL of that came in within the FIRST THREE DAYS of us announcing we had plans to do this.  What an amazing thing it was to see how quickly so many of you responded!

In the amount of time that God laid this on our hearts and the actual day, June 13th, that we passed out the blankets, there was really not just a ton of team planning that went on in order to make sure this all went over smoothly.  We were pleasantly surprised at how fast the money was raised, and we used that as a sign to get a move on!  So, we hashed out the “plan” in the end of a team meeting on a Wednesday, and that next Sunday was our “go time” date.

In a few days, we had secured a bus to take us and the Peruvians that also meet with us for church on Sundays up to the mountainside where we planned on passing out the blankets, we bought all of the blankets (they took up half of the Fletcher’s garage!), talked with everyone who normally meets with us on Sundays so that they knew we were weren’t meeting for normal church but that we were all traveling to serve together (which is what we’re all about anyway as Christians, right?!), and notified our “host family” on the mountain of our plan to come.  It was wild and all happened very quickly.  Despite this, it was so great!

God very quickly showed us that HE was in control.  Our plans pretty much flew out the window the minute we got there, and despite a few frustrating moments due to cultural differences, we saw God work in spite of OUR plans.  What else should we have expected?

As you can see in the video, we had to climb a fairly tall and steep set of stairs to reach their community meeting room.  The room we are all in at the beginning of the video is where they all meet when there is a community announcement or something like that.  They have a megaphone that is like a PA system (no clue if that is really what it’s called) that they use to call all of the people to the meeting.  Since they all live on the side of the mountain, they could hear the call, and they slowly trickled in over a period of about 45 minutes.  Once we were all there, we introduced ourselves, told them why we were there, sang a couple of songs, and prayed over their community.  Then, we headed out the door and just across the mountain a bit to the home of Angel and Gudelia, a couple who meets with us on Sundays for church.  The part of the video you see where all of the guys are stacking the blankets takes place in their home.  Their family was really able to step up and show that they wanted to share in the giving out of the blankets to their neighbors.  It was a unique time of discipling between us and their family.  All of the people gathered right outside of their home, and we passed blankets out from their porch and out of their side window.  Several Peruvians who were with us got to help, and it was neat to see them serve.

When the day was over, we knew God had truly given us an opportunity that would open doors for our future in this community.  God has definitely brought this to fruition.  This is also the same area of Lima that we plan on serving in just a few weeks at our first Medical Mission!  We are so excited for this to take place.

So, just another HUGE THANK YOU to those of you that gave your money and your time in prayer for this event.  It was a COMPLETE success!  To OUR GOD be ALL the GLORY!


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