Update on our 2nd kid…

Sometimes that’s how I feel with Corban.  There are just those things that we miss unfortunately due to the fact that he’s #2.  Monthly blog posts is one of those.  BUT…here I am…giving his 10 month update!

Corban is a complete JOY.  He smiles almost 100% of the time.  When he is upset, you know it, but it comes more in the form of a whine cry as opposed to the scream Cailyn used to give (well…the one she still has, really).  He is fairly easy to care for, and he is literally exactly what I needed in a 2nd child.  God is just so wonderful, isn’t he?!

Oh…before I go on with Corban, I really should report just a small, yet completely significant, thing on behalf of Cailyn.  Because my post about her birthday was a bit enlightening as far as her behavior goes, I figure some of you might understand why this is so important.  Anyway, she has had 2 absolutely wonderful days.  She threw a bigger screaming fit than we’ve seen in a while on Sunday, but she has had 2…well, 1.5 really…absolutely wonderful days.  This mom is PRAISING GOD for that!(i know, some of you are like…gee, my kid has like “weeks” that are great!  we celebrate moments over here…hah!)

Ok…on to Corbs!

As I look through pictures of him, I am realizing he looks like this in a lot of them.  He has an infectious smile!

This next picture pretty much describes how he lives.  Always grabbing for something.  It makes life interesting, and we pretty much always have to be on top of him.  He gets into e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

so…I gave him the big rock…

He chased this rock all over our back patio for about 45 minutes.  He probably sawed his only 2 teeth down a bit while chewing on it, but he had a blast.  It was so funny to watch him, and I got to read a bit outside while he was entertained by his rock.

He loves to throw balls, matchbox cars, and anything that resembles a ball and crawl after it, chew on it a while, and repeat the cycle over again.

here he is throwing his rock…

going to get it…

and, once again, eating it…

He has also learned how to crawl down the step from the patio to our grass.  I guess he was tired of falling on his face every time he wanted to go out into the yard…

He had tried using a sippy cup, but he just couldn’t get it down.  Then I saw my teammate using a Nuby cup for her son who is 6 wks younger than Corban.  Liam could do it really well, so I went home and found Cailyn’s old Nuby cup.  He’s a pro at that one!  Well, a pro at drinking and then letting the water fall out of his mouth onto his clothes.  He loves to use his cup, but I have to be in the right mood, otherwise, his playing bugs me.  He is SOAKED every time he uses it.  All he’s ever had to drink so far is water.  Baby steps, you know?

He’s pretty much a huge mess when he eats.  With Cailyn, I basically fed her anything I could with a spoon, and she ate finger foods that weren’t too messy.  Folks, she’s 3 and still wears a bib almost every time she eats.  I know, a bit controlling, but whatever.  I don’t like any mess really.  I don’t have time for that with him.  He just eats it ALL by himself.  Well…you know, except things like yogurt and stuff.  He needs those full-frontal, plastic bibs.  We have a few…thank goodness. 🙂

I would say his 2 favorite big toys are our Spanish/English Music Table and our little walker/push toy.  Cool hair wave, huh?

A few other things to note:

  • He chews on the rails of his bed a lot.  I didn’t realize this until recently, but I could feel his teeth marks on it.  I NEVER let Cailyn do this, but I’m not sure how to stop him from doing it…it happens when I’m not in there usually.  He sort of chews on everything WAY more than Cailyn did, and I am a bit nervous he could be a biter…not necessarily because he’s mad, just because he likes to.
  • He constantly kicks his legs.  When we’re holding him, he kicks, when he’s sitting and playing, he kicks.  I had the pleasure of experiencing this while he was still in me.  Some mothers talk about how precious this feeling is….it was “precious” at times for me…haha.  He kicked me so hard, I would gasp from losing my breath.  At my first pregnancy appt. for him way back when…in Costa Rica…my Dr. told me he had never seen such an active baby that small.  He has been active EVER SINCE being conceived!
  • Because of his desire to move around, he is fairly hard to read to, and he never really snuggles.  I get about 1 minute after each nap, and then it’s over.
  • We just began reading to him a Bible story before bed time.  I know, I know…too late.  I feel guilty.  Anyway, we read a creation book we have with him now, and it’s going over well.  He likes that reading time.
  • He still nurses.  I nurse him before bed, before both of his naps, and around 4-5am each morning.  He RARELY falls asleep when nursing, in fact, many times I have to almost manhandle him just to keep him from pulling me around with him as he moves on my lap.  Did I mention he never stops moving?
  • He goes to bed at 7:30pm every night unless we’re out later than that.  He rarely wakes up in the middle of the night, and if he does, he cries till he goes back to sleep.  Yes, we are ok with letting our kids cry it out.  🙂  He does, however, expect me to nurse him, like I mentioned, between 4 and 5am.  Then he sleeps till around 7am after that.  Oddly enough, he has never, ever been a long nurser.  He finishes in like 5 minutes normally.  Probably the longest he ever really nursed as a small baby was like 10 minutes.
  • He CaNnoT.GeT.enOuGH. of Cailyn!  He squeals when he sees her playing.  He never wants to stay at the dinner table any longer than she does, for fear he might miss out on play time with her.  He loves to hug and kiss her in the mornings in her bed, and he is always really entertained by her in the car.  We LOVE this!
  • He’s a momma’s boy, but he’s definitely shown more of a desire to go to and be with Justin in the past month or month and a half.  This is not to say that he doesn’t love his daddy.  He ADORES him!
  • He’s been crawling for a while, so he’s FAST!  He likes to walk while holding our hands, but he has never really tried to take a step on his own.  He has also never tried to stand up on his own with nothing to hold onto.  He pulls up on everything, but he generally only cruises as long as there’s something to cruise along.
  • He likes to kick balls, and it is the CUTEST thing I’ve EVER seen!
  • He can say “mama”, “dada”, “bu bu” (bye bye), “ta ta” (ciao ciao…bye in spanish), and “ba” (ball).
  • He can sign “all done”
  • He still only has 2 teeth, and I can’t feel any others making a move, either.
  • He’s our favorite little boy!


5 responses to “Update on our 2nd kid…

  1. LOVE your update on Corban! He is a DOLL! love reading all of your posts , alison—and seeing all the great pictures of all of you! Thanks! Love you all, susan

  2. He is just too cute for words. I want to jump through tht screen and squeeze his big cheeks. Absolutely precious!

  3. Sweet Corban. His smile is infectious. I wish I had that walker toy from the states. Ana had one. We take Maggie to the doctor on Monday. I am hoping that pulling up will be very close in the near future. Loved reading your update. As a child in a family of 5 kids, I can understand why numbers 4 and 5 have no pictures. Ha! I this is how it is with number 2. 🙂

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