We LOVE our Daddy!

“Our daddy is the best.  He makes us laugh all the time.  He is so good at being kind and patient with us when we are being difficult.  We LOVE to go on walks with our daddy.  He takes us on walks/bike rides a lot, and it’s so much fun!  Thank you, Daddy, for letting us tag along when you walk around the corner to the store every time mommy forgets to buy items on her grocery list.  Thank you for always saying yes when we want to go to the park.  You are great at pushing us on the swings!  Thank you for helping mommy with everything around the house.  She gets crazy sometimes, so we like to see you when you get home at the end of your day!  We love you soooooo much!  Happy Daddy’s Day!  Love, Cailyn and Corban”

Daddy’s little goober…

Corban kept nose diving into Cailyn while i was trying to take pictures…like this…

So…this was the best shot I got of the 3 of them…

daddy’s little devil…haha…just kidding (sort of)…

she really is sweet sometimes, though. ;)…

We really LOVE our daddy!


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