Backtracking…Part II

I am FINALLY finishing this…

We really did have a wonderful time with our families, and it was so wonderful to be with Hannah for a solid 2 weeks before her wedding.  Here are a few other pictures from our time with family…

Corban had his first hairs cut…his rat tail…haha.  It was time.

Our great friends, the Istres, were so kind to have me and the kids over.  I got to visit with them about some of the ways their family functions as well as their choice to homeschool their kids.  They are a wonderful family that always blesses us with good advice, wise example, and wonderful reading resources on how to make our family a more God-centered one.  Thank you Istre family!

They have a ton of pets…many of which they use to live on.  Cailyn loved getting to run around their property with the kids and see the animals.  The kittens and goats (that were like 1 day old when we saw them!) were a favorite of both Cailyn and Corban!

Corban began eating mostly table food while we were there.  He’s a horribly messy eater, although this picture makes him look the opposite…

pure cuteness…

As I’ve mentioned before, my time with Hannah was great.  It was so neat to have 2 weeks where we lived under the same roof again.  She was a trooper for putting up with all the kids got into (her room was FULL of wedding stuff that the kids kept wanting to touch!).  She and I had several times when we got to go shopping together, to get pedicures together, eat out with one another, etc.  It was great.  Han, I loved my time with you.  Thank you for sharing it with me amidst the last minute details you had to finish for your wedding.  I was honored to be a part of those last days!

If you want to check out some of her wedding photos, feel free to go to my facebook page to find them.  Add me as a friend if you aren’t already!  They are absolutely amazing thanks to Jessalyn Massingill, a dear friend of mine and my family.

The day after my sister’s wedding, we headed to Austin from Abilene to see Justin’s dad, stepmom, and brother.  We spent 2 nights and 2 days with them before heading to College Station.  We shopped, watched tv, ate wonderful food, and had an all around great time together.

The minute we got to College Station, the kids and Justin hit the pool.  Thanks for cleaning it, Nana!

On May 20th, we headed from CS to Houston to catch our flight home.  We weren’t in a huge rush, although we were cutting it somewhat close.  When we got to our gate, it said the plane was going to San Francisco…if I remember correctly.  Seemed odd, so we checked the flight schedules.  Our flight had been delayed by 2 hours.  Well…that just meant we had time to really sit down and snack on something before boarding.  As we ate, it became apparent to us that our flight was NOT going to leave at the newly appointed time.  It ended up being 4 hours late, and to top that off…one flight attendant who was Peruvian I’m pretty sure, was literally causing chaos because she was trying to get us to board SO quickly.  She kept rattling off in Spanish about how “we HAD to leave in 5 MINUTES  or we would be delayed even LONGER!”  She kept saying, “It’s UP TO YOU!”  I was completely annoyed by her and wanted to yell back…”UH…NO!  It was up to YOU, and YOU were the one who was 4 HOURS LATE, so SHUT UP!”  I didn’t though, obviously.  That wouldn’t have been very Christ-like…I realize that.  Anyway, she just kept going on and on and on and on…get the picture?  People were getting mad at her, and half the plane didn’t even know what the heck she was talking about.  I mean, Lady…you are in the USA…SPEAK IN ENGLISH for goodness sake!  Finally, a kinder flight attendant came on the intercom and explained (in English) that the reason they were in a hurry was because the Lima, Peru airport has a curfew, and any planes that arrive after a certain hour in the middle of the night end up having to wait nearly 2 hours to get through customs and stuff.  Why?  Oh, because the workers leave and the next shift of people don’t show up to work until a few hour later.  What?  Once all of this was explained in English, you heard about half the plane say, “Oohh!  I wish they would have said that sooner!”  Uh, hello!  Anyway, the Peruvian flight attendant kept going on an on.  She even pointed out a few people by saying (still in Spanish, by the way) things like, “Sir, in the Blue shirt.  Please sit down.  Sir, we need you to sit down.  Please clear the aisle.  Ma’am, just let someone help you with that bag.  SIR, PLEASE SIT DOWN!”  Oh my goodness, people wanted to slap her.  One man got annoyed that she kept telling him to sit down that he yelled, “AAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!”  I guess to show her he was mad.

After like 5 minutes of going on and on, she was still saying, “WE MUST LEAVE IN 5 MINUTES!”  I was thoroughly confused since her time kept staying the same.  She finally got off the intercom and found something else to keep herself busy with, which was good for everyone involved.  When it was all said and done, we got home to our house and had our heads on our pillows by about 3:30am.  Long day.

We had such a fantastic time with family.  It was fun to experience TX for a bit, but we were glad to get home, too.  It was nice putting our heads back on our own pillows and all sleeping in separate rooms!  The kids found their normal again, and we have worked back into our routine fairly easily.  Cailyn talks a lot about TX and all we did while there, and I know they had a great time.  Thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to have a smooth trip!  We are glad we have family that can visit us sooner, because we don’t look to be back in TX until near the end of 2011.  It’s a good thing time seems to fly by these days, because we look forward to spending more time actually visiting with friends and family when that day comes!


One response to “Backtracking…Part II

  1. We did have a sweet time!! I’m tellin’ ya, I have got some cute grandkids!! I love this season of life!! Alison and Justin, you are doing a great job, such rich experiences!! Love YOU!!

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