Cailyn’s 3rd Birthday Party

Ok…I’m really trying to get rid of my “things to post” list…

We had Cailyn’s birthday party a bit early this year, because we had some dear friends, the Peters, who visited us from May 26th until June 1st.  We also knew we would be gone from our house on her actual birthday, so it just made sense.  Anyway, we met the Peters family while we were attending language school in Costa Rica.  They are Canadian, and they now live in Cuba.  They have to renew their tourist visas every 3 months, so they chose PERU as their stop in May!  We LOVED seeing them.  God honestly could not have given us better friends than Curtis, Trish, and little Lucas while we were in Costa Rica!  Anyway…we wanted them to be a part of our celebration of Cailyn, so her birthday party went down on May 27th.

Cailyn has been asking for a “Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle Princess Party” for MONTHS on end, so that’s what we did.  Well…we decorated with stuff that the Fletchers were so kind to pass on over to us from Sofia’s 5th Birthday Party (which was more princess than you’ve EVER seen).  They were brave enough to throw her a party like the Peruvians do it…and they invited all of the little girls in Sofia’s class at school.  We, on the other hand, just decorated with their leftovers and only invited our teammates, the Peters, and our great Peruvian friends, Mirko and Leidy Campos.  The decorations said “PRINCESS PARTY!”, but we didn’t do any princess games or anything.  The kids all ran around in our yard, we had pizza for dinner, cupcakes for her “cake”, opened presents, and had a piñata.  Simple really.  Our teammate, John Mark, was so kind and took pictures of the entire night, otherwise we wouldn’t have any probably…haha.  Thanks JM!

Cailyn was a bit “birthday girl bratty” in the beginning, but she simmered down a bit as the night went on.  Honestly, all of the kids played really well together, and that’s a huge accomplishment at ANY of our team gatherings if all of the kids are there.  It was a blessing for sure.  Here are some pictures of the evening.

wow…i am just realizing how “deer in the headlights” BOTH cailyn and justin look…hah!

Tearin’ up the backyard…;-)

Yay for turning 3!

Gobblin’ up those cupcakes…

Little Lucas…probably the happiest kid we know!

She is serious about her icing…

baby brother excited to be at Cailyn’s birthday party…

crazy dudes…

getting ready to open presents…

“Thanks, Lucas!”…

our attempt at a group shot once all of her gifts were open…we have about 10 pictures that look like this…

Piñata Time!

Uh, can you guess who their fave uncle is?

And check out what they were all sitting there watching…Derek’s mean swing at the Princess Piñata!


*we all had a good laugh, because our kids very strategically choose what they want for their bags.  they even stop to eat things as they are collecting their loot.  we have GOT to teach them to “GET ON IN THERE!”,  because these Peruvian kids DO NOT mess around when it comes to the piñata busting!  Our kids will be left in their dust (and possibly with a black eye from the elbowing…hah!), for sure!

This next picture is of the day after Cailyn’s party.  She was already hard at work in her kitchen that her daddy built.  I LOVE how it turned out.  He has a couple of last minute things he has to do…like actually put the oven door on (haha), and connect the shelf that will sit right above the bar on top.  Also, we went out that day and bought her a new set of pots and pans.  They now hang on those hooks…we just didn’t have them yet in this picture.  She absolutely loves to play with this, and it’s special to me that Justin made it for her.  Nice work, J!

So, the party was a success, and Cailyn was really pampered by all of her friends and their gifts.  We so appreciate all that she received from family and friends…thank you, thank you!

When I think about the fact that she will be 4 the next time she has a birthday, it makes me excited and sad all at the same time.  Where is the time going?  I find myself praying for Cailyn in many ways these days…I mean, what else is there to do?!  Parenting is such a reward, yet so scary at the same time.  As I’ve prayed before, God, please show us exactly how you want us to lead Cailyn.  Thank you for giving her to us, and we ask that you put your angels around her as a hedge of protection with each passing day.

2 responses to “Cailyn’s 3rd Birthday Party

  1. The party looks like a grand time!! Great memories!! I’m so glad that Lucas was there. Cailyn will have friends from all over!! Justin, you are the MAN!! the kitchen set looks wonderful, Cailyn and Corban will be cooking together before you know it!! I love getting to see your world!!

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