We’ve been here a Year…back in May.

So, in an effort to catch myself up, I am doing my “it’s been a year” post since it’s the shortest…

Here is a picture of Cailyn and me (Corban in tow) a year ago when we moved in our house.

This home has been good to us since we moved into it.  We have loved the many people we’ve been able to host overnight in it, we adore it’s location, and we feel like it’s where God wants our family right now.  God, thank you for giving this home to us.  You have truly blessed our family within it’s walls.

On a grander scale, we had our 1 year anniversary of living here in Peru on May 26th.  We didn’t do anything special, really, but at the end of the day we thought it would be good to document it.  Here we are.  Um…PLEASE pay ZERO attention to my hair…I have NO idea what it was doing. 🙂  Oh, and…yes, Hannah, that IS your shirt.  Sorry I brought it all the way here to Peru without you knowing…

God, may you grant us many more years here that are successful in the way you would define success.  Give us strength when we feel the day is too long, compassion for all of those who are different than us, passion in our marriage, family life, and for You, and joy as we continue to make our life here.  Protect our children, and give us the ability to teach them why we are here!


4 responses to “We’ve been here a Year…back in May.

  1. Wow! One year! May the Lord answer your sweet prayer and bless you with many more in this ministry. You guys are awesome!

  2. alison, YOU are amazing! And such a young woman of God! Your “been here one year” post shows your strong faith and belief in God–and it is an inspiration to us.

    Love and Hugs to all 4 of you~~~

  3. Happy One Year! That home has certainly blessed the teamAREQUIPA families. 🙂 I love the hair and shirt comment on your last picture. You make me laugh.

  4. Ha, well I enjoyed reading through that and even though I like that shirt, I didn’t notice it was gone-which should be a sign that someone else should have it anyways! Glad to be walking on this journey as your sister!

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