Welcome Home

So, the pictures and stories of our time in the US are looming over my head.  I need to get them posted on here, but I’ve been too busy thus far.  So, I thought I would share 3 things that we came home to this past Friday morning (4am to be exact).

After one morning of walking around my house on Saturday morning just trying to unpack things, this is how my feet looked:

I felt SO dirty all morning.  Yes, I realize you probably didn’t want to see that…hah…and you’re probably also thinking…”uh, put some shoes on!”  I know, bad move on my part.  Honestly, I had gotten used to my parents’ house!

Welcome home, Alison.

Second, we kept hearing this tweeting noise, and I was about ready to get Justin to shoot some bird that would not shut up, and a few minutes later we found these:

Thanks to our sweet teammates who won’t fess up to it, we have had 2 baby ducks in our backyard.  Yes…running wild.  No pin, nothing.  I am very sad to say they both have died.  I know…terrible.  If your kids read this blog, sorry. haha.  Cailyn was sad, but not overwhelmed with grief (otherwise, our teammates would have had to have been WATCHIN’ THEIR BACKS!) 😉  We tried, I promise.  We even bought some chicken wire (actually, I have no idea what it’s called, but it’s what I’ve seen on farms for chicken pins…wow…I know…I really don’t know animal/farm lingo) to make a home for them.  Anyway, we think they might have gotten sick off of the food that was also piled in our yard for them.  Not sure.  Plus, it’s getting cold, so who knows, the weather was probably too much for them.  God was watchin’ out for us, though, because we sure weren’t about to build some duck pond in our back yard.  Anyway…

Welcome home, Thompsons.

I am beyond THRILLED to announce the next thing we came home to.  I called my teammate Stephanie on Saturday, the first day we were back, to see if she wanted to hit up the grocery store with me.  We live close to one another, so it makes carpooling to the store easy.  Anyway, we were in the middle of shopping, and we ran into one another on the cracker aisle when she said, “Hey, have you made it over to where the milk is?”  I was like…”oh, not yet, I’m headed that way.”  Then, it was like she couldn’t hold it in, and she says, “THEY HAVE CHEDDAR CHEESE!!!!!” haha.


We have lived without real cheddar cheese, or any other kind of cheese minus mozzerella and gouda for a year now.  I mean, yeah, they have this “shredded cheddar cheese” you can buy in a packet, but I’m pretty sure it’s fake.  It’s pretty gross.  Needless to say, I made a BEELINE that way!

Not only is there cheddar, there’s marble cheddar, STRING CHEESE!, pepper jack, colby, etc.  AMAZING!  I LOADED UP!  I used to pay about $7.75 for this fake square (probably about 1/2 a cup shredded) of cheddar cheese, but now we get a bigger (not huge, but bigger) block for about $3.85.  I mean, seriously…A-MAZING!

Notice I had the cutting board and knife already out.  This picture doesn’t include the block of mild cheddar, because I was eating that!


All in all, we are glad to be back.  It’s home, you know?  Cailyn asked me at least a handful of times while in TX if we could go back “home” (mostly when it was nap time or bed time in the evening and she wasn’t wanting to go to bed…haha).  This for sure wasn’t because we weren’t being spoiled and having a blast, but we have definitely been able to find our niche here.  This is what our kids know.  It’s normal for the doors to the house to be open all day long, to walk around the corner to do our vegetable shopping or go to the pharmacy, to stand outside and talk with our street guards when the kids are going stir crazy in the house, to “fit in” by driving “crazy” and honking our car horn (which I totally found myself wanting to do more of than was necessary in the States), and to walk a good 15 minutes to McDonald’s with the kids (which I found myself doing last night…and Corban is getting way too heavy to carry in the bjorn that far!).

I loved the “break” I got from my life here when back in TX.  It was refreshing, renewing even.  I cannot say enough good about how fun it was to be there for Hannah and Jason’s wedding (I will post more about that…you know…when I have time).  Seeing family was incredibly fun, and it was so great to have mom and dad care for the kids while I got some time alone as well as sister time with Hannah.  The “normals” here do not overshadow how much we loved being back in TX, but I can also say that it is good to be home.

5 responses to “Welcome Home

  1. Yummo! Could you tell your grocery store to send some of that cheese down south? I can’t wait to see pics from your trip. I am glad you made it back safely. It is a nice felling to be home. See you soon.

  2. The cheese is almost enough to make me want to switch to Lima.

    Maybe when Wong (I’m guessing you got that at Wong) opens up in November, hopefully, they’ll bring the cheese.

  3. Funny story about the ducklings! I’m sure they got too cold. Whoever left them for you didn’t leave a heat lamp? That’s what they needed! Maybe next time. Jk haha

  4. Then there’s still hope for cheddar in Cusco someday! Haha! I know what you mean about the fake stuff. Peru has a lot of great foods, but they are totally lacking in the cheese dept.! Looking forward to seeing you guys next weekend at the retreat!

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