You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.
– Anonymous

Calling ALL friends and family back in the USA! We are desperately in need of your help for a blanket drive! Peru is creeping into winter and it is getting chilly. Our friends in Villa Maria who live on the side of a mountain in homes that are not adequate to keep warm are in great need of some blankets… fast. Team Lima is launching it’s first annual Frazalatera (blanket drive) in order to help the families and especially those kids keep warm during the next few months.

The deadline to raise $1000 is June 15th! We know this is fast but these people are cold, enough said 🙂 If you would like to know where to send your tax-deductible checks, please email us at stephanie.a.fletcher@gmail.com or alison.thompson.peru@gmail.com for more info.

It’s hard to express in writing on a blog how crucial this is, but hopefully we will be able t0 show you in pictures after we deliver the blankets and you are able to see their faces. We will have a short video of Villa Maria going up in the next couple of days to help you picture the conditions in which these people live in but we wanted to go ahead and start our drive today to get your minds, hearts and hopefully your wallets spinning 🙂
Many blessings, and we SO look forward to seeing the way God uses all of us to help these people!


4 responses to “WE NEED HELP!

  1. Just money this year. We might change that in years to come, but for those wondering, JUST MONEY this year, and we will buy the blankets! Thanks!

  2. Just curious, are you all providing or perhaps looking into providing warm clothing as well for the children and adults? Jason and I will be happy to send some extra money your way. Blessings to each of you and to the lives you touch!

    • Shanna, that is such a great idea. We certainly can do that, so if you’d like to send extra money for that, put a note with your money to indicate it. We would love to do extra!

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