Sneak Peek!

Oh, I couldn’t be more excited about this!  My handy husband has been hard at work to get Cailyn’s new play kitchen built!  She turns 3 on June 6th, which seems far now, but it will totally sneak up on us once we return from our visit to the States…which begins TOMORROW by the way!

Justin and I decided that Cailyn would love a new kitchen to play with in her room for her 3rd birthday, and after looking a bit online, Justin decided he wanted to build her one.  I asked that he finish most of it before we left to visit our families, and he came through!  We have a few pieces of hardware and whatnot that we plan on buying online and bringing home with us as well as some painting to do, but here’s what it looks like now…I think it is awesome, and I am very proud that Cailyn will be able to say her daddy made this for her!

The burners are just paper right now…J did that for my “visual” needs. 🙂

Justin also gave me a visual of what the doors to the oven and cabinet would look like once they were connected…

She is going to LOVE it!  Thanks, Justin, for being so eager to jump on projects that I think up and do such special things for our kids.  We are so blessed to have you as the man of our house!


Cailyn’s been busy doing projects lately, too.  We got her these beads for her 2nd birthday…oops…because…besides use them for sorting games, we hadn’t actually made anything with them yet…until a few days ago.  Cailyn had a blast!

Yeah, that’s leftover snack on her face…


One last thing…

This past Thursday, our team was blessed to have a really fun evening with Doug and Lana Page.  They were on their way home to Texas from Arequipa, Peru, the home of Lana’s sister and brother-in-law, Kyle and Larissa Smith.  The Smiths are a sweet family that are also here in Peru for mission work.  So, we had the pleasure of hosting the Page family for a few hours while they had a layover in Lima from 7pm until 6am the next morning.  It just happened that we had also invited our adult teammates over for an adults only worship and game night (something we’ve learned is necessary for our sanity as a team!).  It began after all of the kids were in bed and with babysitters, so it was perfect that the Page kids could just head to bed at our house, and Doug and Lana got to party with us adults. 🙂

We had a great time of singing and communion, then we ate ice-cream, had ice-cream floats, and brownies and ice-cream (are you getting the theme of our menu??)…all before we played a laughter-filled game of Salad Bowl (a bit like charades).  Then, we sat around and talked for just a bit longer due to how late it was, and we called it a night.  What an honor it was to visit with this great couple.  They have a connection with every person on our team…some direct and some more indirect…but it was so neat to worship with them and have some great times of laughter.  Thanks, Doug and Lana, for stopping in to see us!


2 responses to “Sneak Peek!

  1. Alison,
    It was our pleasure! What a blessing it was for our family.
    We’ve been laughing about and reflecting on our evening with you guys since we left Lima!

    God has put together a special group of people and we are honored to be a firsthand witness of what God is doing among you.

    Love you guys!

  2. LOVE the play kitchen. In hindsight, I wish so much that we would have made N & E’s instead of just buying a plastic one. Homemade would’ve looked so much cuter stocked with all their felt food and homemade canned goods. Can’t WAIT to see the finished product!

    Hope you have a wonderful time with family! God bless you guys as you travel!

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