Well, we did it.  Cailyn got her FIRST haircut…ever.  No pair of scissors has ever touched that child’s head…until today!  This past Tuesday she and I were walking along the strip of privately owned stores just on the other side of our street where we live, and I decided it was probably time for her to have her hair cut some.  Nothing huge, just a snip here and another there.  She LOVED the idea, so we stopped into the salon I have used a couple of times to make an appointment.  She got really sad when she realized it would be two more days until she was actually getting her hair cut, but she got over it fast, and today came quickly.

Unfortunately Justin couldn’t be there, but Corban and I were there to witness this big (probably more for me than her) event in her life. 😉  But, of course I took pictures…while holding Corban…that was tricky.  If I had let him down, he would have torn the place to shreds.  So, needless to say, I wrestled a baby on the move the entire time while trying to remind Cailyn to smile so that her stylist would know she had actually been talking about this BIG event for 3 days…haha.  Typical Cailyn.  So, here is our time at the salon in pictures…

Getting her wash…cooperative, yet a bit unsure.

Waiting for Alexander, the hair stylist and owner of the salon, to come and cut away! (and, yes, Corban and I are in the background)

Here he is, hard at work.

Basically, Cailyn had this face the ENTIRE first half of her time there.  She was excited, but EXTREMELY unexpressive…to the point of looking perturbed…haha.  I went ahead and assured Alexander that she was excited despite her facial expression.  Oh, life with a timid (and sometimes stubborn) child…

Oh…wait.  Alexander sent one of his workers down the street to buy Cailyn a sucker.  Great service, right?!  She opened up after that (go figure), and she even freely answered with her name when asked by another worker a little later…”Cómo te llamas?”  S-l-o-w-l-y but S-u-r-e-l-y…

And…we’re nearly done…(notice she had sucker ALL over…even on her forehead)

“SMILE for the camera!!”  And…we’re working on that, too.

Posing for me once we got home…

Bottom line: We didn’t get a ton cut off, but it looks healthier, and Justin and I can tell it’s different.

Sad news: I forgot, in my attempt leave with WAY too much in my hands and no help, to ask to keep some hair.  Oh well, right?

When Justin got home, he was excitedly telling Cailyn he loved her hair, and she says to him, “Yeah, Daddy.  That boy, he did it to me!”

I piped in and said, “Cailyn, you can say, ‘Man’…That ‘MAN’…In fact, let’s just be REAL specific and say, “That MAN CUT my HAIR.” 🙂

It was a fun experience.

7 responses to “FIRST EVER…

  1. What a big girl! She looks so grown up with her new “do.” Her first in almost 3 years and Levi’s about to get his 5th in less than 2! Can’t wait to see y’all in a couple of weeks.

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