Easter Treats!!

This is all Cailyn could talk about Sunday morning (Easter Sunday, I mean.  **insert from today – the 4th day I’ve worked on this pos!  bad, i know.).  The word “treat” is a BIG deal at our house, so when I told Cailyn we had some fun stuff to do for Easter, it was the “TREATS!” that she couldn’t stop talking about.

Thanks to little effort on my part, our kids had some great Easter basket goodies.  The Koonce family from our supporting congregation in TN and my parents sent us some fun Easter items, so we put very little with that to “treat” our kids with last week.  Thanks Koonce family and grandparents!

We were SO thrilled to have a TON (compared to what we’ve had before) of Peruvians join us for Easter Sunday.  It was just really wonderful.  And….since I’m finishing this post that I started a week ago JUST NOW…a week after Easter,  I am excited to report that we had JUST AS MANY this Sunday!  So, it wasn’t just the Easter crowd…haha.  They are returning.  Praise God!  And, we officially have Peruvian kids to join our gringo kids for a real Bible class…which desperately needs some work…like, work in the sense that teaching Bible class all in Spanish is tiring for me personally, and we have some learning to do in the way of songs in Spanish.  Not that this matters to any of you…I’m just babbling.  So, here are some pictures of our Easter gathering.

mommas and kids…

eating together before our worship time…

Josías and Corban (no…not just some peruvan kid visiting…) 🙂  They are 3 wks. apart.  José, his dad, is our street guard.

getting ready for Bible Class… (i use that term VERY loosely)

playing some games…

some of the dads and guys hiding easter eggs and candy for our hunt after Bible class…

Luis, another guard on our street, was so sweet to make sure Cailyn found some eggs…she was a bit slow, but it was nice to not come home with loads of easter candy.

packin’ up her loot…

sweet Valentino was sharing with Parker…Parker didn’t end up with ANYTHING once it was all over.  haha…poor thing.  can you tell she was a bit distressed over this?

gather ’round, kids for a foto…

So, we had a great time.  I wish I could have been inside to hear the “message” that the guys gave to everyone that came, because I heard it was great.  This week we had a worship time of singing and sharing new songs with one another.  Some of our visitors even helped teach a song…that was exciting for us.  To end, I wanted to just copy part of our teammate’s blog post about our Easter Sunday on here so you could hear a story about a new man that worshiped with us on Easter Sunday.  Enjoy!

From Stephanie Fletcher:

“I wanted to share one sweet moment from today though there was many. I had asked a guy that has worked for us a few times to come and help with the floors this morning before church. Lee invited him to stay for church and he seemed excited. The people here are INCREDIBLY hard workers and I was so appreciative of his help. After church was over I went to find him so I could pay him before he left and in a soft voice he just said “I can’t take your money, what I’ve seen here today with your family and this church is different than anything I’ve ever seen. What I heard today was just what I needed and I’m so touched.” He was almost moved to tears and for him this day meant so much more than we could probably imagine. This guy works odd jobs in the neighborhood for a living and today was so different than what he is used to. I myself was almost moved to tears. He stayed late to help clean up after everyone and you could just see in his face that he was truly thankful for the day. He would not let us give him anything and he walked away with a smile that was truly priceless. God is good and He IS alive.”

Antonio showed up to worship with us AGAIN today.  We were SO excited!  God, show us what Antonio needs and give us a selfless nature so that we might continue to show him your Love.  In fact…do that for EVERYONE!

Happy week-after-Easter!


3 responses to “Easter Treats!!

  1. Alison,
    Loved this post! (And the copy from Stephanie’s blog was so good too) Thanks for sharing. (And the photos of the kids are precious, as always. You and Justin have a couple of precious babies!) Love you guys!

  2. What a wonderful Easter! Love the fact that in practically every picture of Corban he has a huge smile on his face! What a cutie!

    So exciting to hear of your relationships that are growing because of God’s work! Yeah! We will continue to life you all up in prayer.

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