Doing Some Light Reading…

I am only sometimes lucky enough to get a moment to check my email, read a couple of pages from the book I’m in right now, or continue adding to my “what to bring back from the States” list if Corban gets interested in the kid’s bookshelf in our TV room.  It’s a good thing there aren’t any public libraries here with kids books all in English (which I have been WAY missing lately!), because I’m not sure I could handle taking him to one.  He’s quick.

“Let’s see…which book should I begin with?”

“Oh, this is just so much fun!”

“Before I slip on the books I’ve already eaten read, I just need one more…”

“Ugh!  It slipped out of my grip!”

“Oh no!  I’m losing my foothold!  What else can I take down with me?!”

“Well, thrill’s over…what else can I get into up here?”

“Get ready, Nana and Honey!  I’m coming to YOUR house soon!”

Yes, basically this is our life.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything, though!  Corban is just so cute, and he gives me joy every day.  I do have to fish numerous things from his mouth each day, and we have also begun to call out his name in a firm tone at times while we snap to get his attention so that he stops going where he’s going, but he is fun to watch as he learns about his world.

One day, he went for the small floor fan we have in our TV room, and I called his name out and gently said, “No, No.”  He stopped himself, turned around, and made his way for something else (and, no, I don’t always get this response…of course).  So, I used that moment to share with Cailyn, who was in the room, that I had appreciated how he listened and was learning to obey.  She seemed very excited that he was obeying and began saying, “Good boy, Corbsies!”

A few days later, the kids were both playing in the TV room (which is also their toy/play room), and I had gone into the kitchen for something.  The next thing I know, Cailyn is yelling for me, “MOOOOOMMMMAAAA!  Corbs is NOT obeying!!”  So, I hurried back to make sure he was ok, and she had him by the leg and was pulling him away from the fan.  He was laughing, but she was not.  She was sure I had plans of discipline for him, so that was a good moment to remind her that he was STILL learning and that all she needed to do was to ask me to help him…not remove him from the situation herself.  I think she gets it more and more each day.  She’s our “Corban policewoman”, and as you can see from the pictures above…we need one!


6 responses to “Doing Some Light Reading…

  1. we are laughing out LOUD, dad has looked at the small light table we have behind the pew and wonders when he pulls up on that if it will fall over. we will see. other than that we are corban proof!! that first picture is just way too cute!!

  2. Awesome pics 🙂 He’s so adorable!!!!
    Shaun and I have started a “what to bring back from the states” list…I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that we aren’t going until September. By then we will need 10 suitcases just to bring back half of our list! Geez!

    When do you leave again? We need to get together before you head out!! Lunch soon?

  3. Alison~~

    Love reading your posts—AND seeing the great pictures!!! We rec’d your note yesterday—thanks! Glad the itune cards worked!

    Love to you all~~
    Susan and Danny

  4. Thanks for the advice, Alison! Leighton is a screamer also. We used the Ferber method and it worked really well on her. Then this phase creeped into our lived and I feel like we’re back at square one. Maybe it wouldn’t seem so bad if she had a normal cry, but there isn’t one. It’s a scream and it vibrates your nerves… 🙂

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