The Zoo…and all that’s happened since.

Another one of my marathon posts.  If only I could just keep up with what we do…

So, here are the promised pictures of our trip to the Zoo.  Parque de Las Leyendas is what it’s actually called here.  It was cool, although we saw probably just saw half of what was there due to the fact that we were traveling in a group of about 50 little girls.  That’s ok, though.  Cailyn always seemed to be bringing up the rear of our group, so I’m not sure we would have wanted to stay the 3 extra hours it would have taken her to walk around just to see the other animals on the other side of the park.  It was a good day the way it was.

When we arrived, the girls from the orphanage hadn’t made it yet, so we waited with some of the group from Westover Hills CofC until the girls arrived.  We were surprised to see that like FIVE busloads or something of them showed up.  Wow.  But, I do have to say, they were very organized.  It was not chaotic…ok, well, it was controlled chaos, I guess I should say.  They were all really sweet girls.  Basically, since we were the only gringos there with kids, our kids sort of stole the show…from the animals (at least in some moments).  The girls were all enamored with these little white babies and we got asked things like “what is his name?” and “how old is she?” to some things a bit more specific, like, “does he breastfeed or eat from a bottle?”  Yeah, they weren’t shy.

Basically, Cailyn is pretty shy when it comes to meeting new people and them wanting her to perform (well, that’s too strong of a word probably.  Interact might be more of what I’m going for).  Even to interact with strangers is like pulling teeth with Cailyn.  Justin says I need to give her a break, but I often get a bit irritated with her because her shy comes across as rude, in my opinion.  I will say, in her defense, she was NOT ready for the attention she would get that day, so it made for a lot of conversations like this,

peruvian girl: “hi, what’s your name?”

cailyn: _____________________silence___________________

me: “Cailyn, she’s talking to you.  Tell her what your name is.”

cailyn: _________________silence (in addition to some not-so-cool body language)_________

peruvian girl: “oh, does she not talk?  she only knows english, right?”

me: “no, she talks.  and, yes, she mostly speaks english, but she understands what you’re asking her.  Cailyn, don’t be rude.  These girls are our new friends.”

cailyn: *as she’s pouting, she says under her breath* “I don’t want to”

me: “Cailyn, if you are going to be rude, I will take your animal crackers away (or, “you can ride in the stroller instead of walking” etc…)until you can answer her question.”

cailyn: *maybe says* “cailyn”…in a voice so quiet you can barely hear

Yes, this was mostly the interaction I had with Cailyn the entire day.  The girls from the orphanage had no sense of boundaries due to the fact that they are surrounded by tons of other kids all day every day.  They couldn’t understand that she didn’t want her hair stroked, her name called out all morning, her hand held, etc.  I hated it for all of them, because they all tried SO hard to win her over.  She did eventually warm up a tad as we went along, and she really got better once we sat down to eat for lunch.  I secretly wished we had done that first so she would have gotten to play with them first and had some time to warm up to them.  Anyway, I have made this entire post about Cailyn’s attitude while we were at the Zoo…sorry.  On to the pictures.

Yes, there were a lot of girls…

Here she is, still warming up…she did agree for the girls to be in the picture with her, though I know here face says nothing of the sort…

Folks, we’ve got a smile…

Group shots were a bit hard to get…they were all excited to be in it..just not still enough to all be looking at the same time.  Notice the cute little horse behind them all, peeking over them.  Yeah, that’s stuffed.  And, yes, it’s real.  WHY would you use a REAL horse for that and then charge people to let their kids sit on it and get a polaroid picture taken of them riding it??  Disturbing, really.

Corban was a hit, too.  He smiled at all of them, unlike Cailyn.

Finally, Cailyn was able to chill out a bit and enjoy their company…

Corban got passed around a lot…

Cailyn was finally a happy camper by the time we had to leave…

All-in-all, we had a great time.  We hope to possibly spend some more time with these kids at the orphanage.  We’re not sure how that looks, and we don’t have anything specific planned at this point, but we enjoyed being with all of them.  Thanks to the group from Westover Hills in Austin, Texas for letting us tag along that day!


Since then…

*Corban turned 7 months old.  What?!  He is still our happy, easy-going little baby.  He got a well check visit out of the way last week at the doctor’s office, so that is a blessing.  He never stops moving…he is so busy.  He has also begun to walk along the couch some.  He definitely goes after what he wants.  He laughs out loud every day at Cailyn, and he is totally and completely in love with spending time with her.  He has no teeth yet, but he still enjoys eating the yummy Gerber snacks his Aunt Sister brought for him when she visited.

Today he face-planted into the wood floor, and that little piece of skin that connects your upper lip to your gums busted.  He bled everywhere, and it continues to bleed every time it’s re-hit (is that a word?).  Poor thing really tore it up.

Notice the fairly dirty bottom half of Corban…basically this is how he looks after playing in our front patio/yard area.  Our city is dusty…like, REALLY dusty.

Enjoying life with Big Sister…

Speaking of Big Sister…

*Cailyn continues to be a ball of fire.  She constantly gives us reason to be creative in our parenting-style, and we find ourselves in a consistent conversation with God about how to be more loving, firm, kind, patient, and just all-around better parents.  She is nearing 3 yr.s old…June 6th.  She is a wonderful eater…if you couldn’t tell, she loves her friends but is still learning how to be the kind of friend God would want her to be, she is so kind and loving toward her brother (90% of the time), princesses are her LIFE right now, she is still working on potty-training but getting better by the day (although i wonder sometimes if we’ll be doing this till she’s 12!), she takes naps every day (between 2 and 4 hours usually) and still goes to bed by about 8:30pm most nights, and her favorite tv show right now is Backyardigans.

She’s a joy in our lives!


2 responses to “The Zoo…and all that’s happened since.

  1. I love your narration of Cailyn. Too funny. What a great opportunity at the zoo. I can just see those girls trying their hardest to be Cailyn’s friend. There was a point here where Ana looked at a lady and said, “No” when she wanted to touch her hair. Honestly, I couldn’t blame her. Personal space just doesn’t exist in many situations here, and she had had enough. Oh the joy of being an MK.

    And that Corban–what a cutie!

  2. oh boy, you just tease us with all of these adorable pictures!! daddy o loves those dirty feet!! that picture of cailyn being so serious and coloring is so her daddy and her aunt allie!! dad and i have laughed about a pretty stubborn little girl who would not speak or sing when ask to….what goes around, comes around!! you got what it takes to parent this one, my dear….remember the orozcos call it ADVENTURE!!

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