Just a few things we’ve captured on film…

These two pictures basically sum up how much fun these two have with one another.  Cailyn still likes to hold Corban, and he loves it!  They just giggle and laugh so much.  We took these pictures one morning after they had just woken up.  Guess we’re all at our best then, right?  Being in Corban’s crib is like a BIG treat for Cailyn.  It’s off limits normally, but on rare occasions we let her play with him in there…at least until he decides he’s been in confined quarters with her for too long. 🙂

Below is a picture of what Corban is up to these days.  About the time he turned 6 months…like 3 weeks ago…he began to pull up on things.  Well, not “he began to”…he just did it one day.  He went from – NOT doing it – to climbing up on the couch to get something I had just put “out of reach” in one day.  We had never even seen him try that before.  He’s a go-getter…for real!

He’s also enjoyed some fun time in the sink.  I had to finish dinner, and this was my attempt at getting him to stop whining for me.  It worked.

Just thought I’d give a shout out to my kind, thoughtful husband.  This is what took place while I made dinner the other night.  What we all need…more time with daddy in the yard!  Thanks J!

Finally, I just wanted to share some pictures from a fun family day we had as a team (minus cool uncle Mark unfortunately) at a water park about 45min. out of town.  It was like a month ago or more, but oh well…this is catch up for me.

The best part of the park is the big slide.  The guys had more fun than anyone else, but they were great to involve the little ones, too.

and what were they all watching??…

the daddies in their slide competition…you know, the “time-me-while-I-zoom-down-the-slide-as-fast-as-I-can” game…

well…at least until Lee almost flew off the side since he was going so fast.  Fun while it lasted.

Remember…we live in Peru…there was no lifeguard to say who could and couldn’t go down the slide, and no one cared how fast you went or how soon you went after the person in front of you (hence Lee’s near death experience…haha).  we would have been TOTALLY breaking the rules had we been at ANY water park in the States.  It was fun.

So, that’s it for now.  Today we had the pleasure of meeting up with a group from the Westover Hills Church of Christ in Austin, TX at the zoo.  They are here to work with an orphanage, so we got to spend time with most of the girls from the orphanage today while enjoying the Lima Zoo.  There were TONS of them (probably a 200 or more)!  Honestly, at times I felt like our kids were more of an attraction than any of the animals.  We’ve got lots of pictures to show how much fun it was…but I’ll save that for next time.

Buenas Noches.


4 responses to “Just a few things we’ve captured on film…

  1. think of these two every day!! many times a day, oh, so cute!! don’t you let him start walking until i see him crawl!! hahaha. i’m ready for a new update Lima Team picture when the Davidsons get home to Lima!! Next summer there will be 3 more little Lima Team bodies in the swimming line!! What great memories!! love and miss you.

  2. I just LOVE the pictures of your kids! So cute & so much fun! Can’t wait to see your pics from the zoo. Len and I attended Westover Hills when we lived in Austin. In fact we got married there! Small world, huh!

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