Just to tide you over…

So, every day I have thought about posting about the millions of things we’ve been up to recently, but somehow I get to the end of my day {every day}, and it doesn’t happen.  So, I thought I would share one of our recent Corban pictures that we’re just really proud of.

Isn’t he just beautiful?

This is what you get when you leave Lee Fletcher and Justin in charge of the kids.  Sofia F. recently got a new “Dorothy – Wizard of Oz” dress-up outfit, and Corban had the pleasure of modeling the wig.  A little sad how pretty he looks…haha.  I could still just eat him up!

I promise…more to come soon!

5 responses to “Just to tide you over…

  1. Hey I must say that Corban looks good as a burnette! The wig brings out his eyes! haha, what a laugh. It reminds me of my Mom telling me stories of her and my aunt sue dressing their baby brother Donny up in grils clothes and playing baby with him. They called him Donelle. He turned out to be very much of a flower child, complete with the bell bottom pants and long hair. He blammed it on my mom and aunt. So be careful Corban may decide he likes long hair. haha.

  2. Oh my goodness. I seriously thought you had taken a picture of an American Girl Doll! Those dads are a trip!

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