Cailyn asked to sleep in our bed one night last week, so we made that a treat on Saturday night.  She’s slept in our room before, but never as a treat.  It was a first.  There’s just something about getting out of your norm that’s INCREDIBLY fun when you’re 2.5 yrs. old…

getting ready for her big night after her bath…

small girl in a big bed…

once again…excited (are you seeing a pattern in the way she shows excitement?)

Corban’s “first” this week was getting to swim.  He’s had his feet in the pool before, but the water here is always freezing, so he’s never liked it.  This water had been sitting in the sun a while from Cailyn’s use that morning.  So, he loved his time, and he had it all to himself since sister was napping.


mostly interested in the grass…

bundling up and drying off…yes…in a pink towel.

We enjoyed going to a local park the other night for the first time since we’ve lived here.  We visited this park in 2006 when we visited Lima on our survey trip, but it’s a lot more fun with kids.  There is an awesome playground, but we got there after 6pm, and it isn’t open to play on after 6.  Cailyn was sorely disappointed, but we enjoyed looking at and feeding the ducks and freakishly large goldfish.  It was fun.  We plan to go back soon before the playground is closed.  What’s that about anyway?  Since when do playgrounds close at 6pm??

justin packed us a small picnic dinner.  he was trying to get cailyn to smile, and it turned it into a game…

We’ve had a good week, and it’s hard to believe March is upon us.  Tonight we had a Celebration with our entire team and Peruvians that we have each met and made relationships with since moving here.  It was wonderful.  We have been meeting each week with a few Peruvians and the Fletchers, our teammates, but tonight we all met together and mingled with each other’s Peruvian friends.  It was so great to see each of our friends getting to know other Peruvians that one of our other teammates had invited.  We had finger foods, sang, prayed, and read scripture.  It really was great.  It was definitely a fantastic FIRST for us!  Here are several pictures from our night.  I hope I’m not going overboard with them, but I think it will give many of you a better idea of what it looks like for us when we say “church” or “fellowship” or “Celebration”.  Please feel free to check out our team website from time to time, because we try and keep it updated with team information on things like tonight.

The spread…

Mark and Edgar

John Mark and Alex.  We passed out CDs of songs that we hope to sing all together in the future.

Me, Corban, Jose, Maribel, Blanca (10 yrs. old), and Josías (almost 6m old).  This family meets with us every Sunday at the Fletcher’s house.

We rented a room at a small sports complex near the Davidson’s house, and there are 2 soccer fields.  The kids were FILTHY by the time the night was over…Kellan had already gotten his face wiped off earlier in the evening…this was round 2 – they all looked like this.

Stacy and Claudia.  I met Claudia at the gym about 3 months ago.  She and I have gotten together many times.  She likes to practice English, because she is in the process of trying to move to the States through a work program.

Wes and Heli.  Heli studies the Bible with John Mark and Justin every Tuesday night, and he also plays soccer with the group that plays every Monday night.  He works across the street from the Davidson’s house.

Mingling in the beginning while everyone showed up…

Honestly, we had a great time.  I think God made our evening successful, and it was obvious to me that He was glorified.  God has truly blessed our team with some amazing Peruvian friends.  Please pray for all of these people as we continue to help them in their search for our Savior.


2 responses to “Firsts

  1. Were you guys at La Parque de Amistad!?!! I love that place and if so you were right down the road from us! When I go there its close enough that I walk 🙂 Next time stop by and say hello 🙂

    So glad your evening went well (and that you were able to get the room!)

  2. Alison, I really loved reading about the families you are meeting with and your activities with them!
    PS – Did you feel the earthquake?

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