Time Gets Away From Me…

Yes, I realized I had some Valentine pictures in our camera, and I thought I probably needed to update our  blog.

On Valentine’s Day, we enjoyed some good heart pancakes that Justin made, and Cailyn basically looked past the few Valentine treats we had sitting out for her when she saw the syrup…

Corban just got to sit by and watch the action…no Valentine goodies for him this year.  He enjoyed watching sister eat, though. 😉

Yes, he’s a drooler.  I CONSTANTLY get asked…”Don’t you have a bib for him?”  I normally just smile and think, “bug off”.

Cailyn is WAY into dress-up and anything princess these days.  Most days we find her in her room changing clothes…several times a day.  Occasionally I “misplace” some of her clothes so she won’t wear the same dress 3 days in a row, and some of her clothes have had to be labeled  as “for _____ only” so that she doesn’t end up asking to go to the park in a corduroy dress.  I never thought we’d already have true arguments over what she gets to wear before the age of 3.  She keeps me on my toes!  Most days, this outfit (or something like it) is worn for some of the day…

This past weekend, Gary Green, our team’s main contact/trainer from the Halbert Institute of Missions at ACU, came to visit us!  It was so great to see him, and he gave our team some great tips and wonderful wisdom to use as we really dive into our ministry here.  We are always incredibly grateful for his time and support of us.  He and his wife are possibly (maybe minus our parents) our biggest prayer warriors, and that is something that can’t be overlooked.  We know we can count on them!  Thanks, Gary and Frances Green!

This is the only picture I got away with from the weekend…horrible, I know.  We were eating at this wonderful Peruvian restaurant just down the street from our house (yum!) the night he had to fly back to the States.

At my end of the table, the kids were being silly…

Clearly, Kellan didn’t get the “squint your eyes” memo that the girls did…

Maddox finally made his way down to our end of the table once he saw how much fun we were having…

These kids are a bunch of craziness!  We would not be the team we are without them!


In other family news…Corban reached 6 MONTHS today (Feb 23)!  We are in awe (once again…I know I say that all the time) at how fast he is growing.  How can it be that we are half way to a year?  He is cuter each day, and I just couldn’t ever get tired of kissing his sweet cheeks.

He looks a little like his mama… 😉

A little bit about our little man:

  • He smiles constantly
  • He LOVES his sister
  • He really enjoys his fruits and veggies, and he’s recently tried some baby biscuits…they basically melt in his mouth, and he is VERY  serious about them…like, he screams when it’s gone and we are giving him no more.  It’s rough.
  • He drools a TON
  • No teeth yet, but he acts like they’re all about to come in at once.
  • He can get to anything he wants by army crawling, and he nearly has the traditional crawl down.
  • He’s possessive of whatever he’s playing with…he screams when he really wants something that he can’t have.
  • We’re praying about how this will play out in the future… 😉
  • He still uses his pacifier, and we have to put it back in his mouth sometimes at night
  • He no longer wakes up to eat until 5am…praise God for that…and he will usually sleep till about 7am after that
  • He’s naps ok, although sometimes the fact that we’re out because of doing things with Cailyn means he doesn’t get full naps in the morning.
  • He can sit up alone, but he still topples over easily
  • He’s pure joy for our family

Today I took the kids to a place called City Toys.  It’s like a mini town with lots of cool toys.  Cailyn loves the “Maternity” section with all of the baby dolls.  We had a good time, and it’s great because Corban can just crawl around with minimal supervision (of course I stay right with him).

I’m wondering if this is a glimpse into what life is like for little boys with older sisters…

And, just to end on a sweet picture, I am adding this one…

This morning, after I came home from going to the gym and making a quick run to the grocery store, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Cailyn’s sweet daddy had put her hair in near perfect pigtails, and they had taken pictures to “practice” her smile.  I think she did a good job, right?  We are blessed to have such a great daddy!

Oh…I did say I was about to end my post, but when I typed the word “gym”, it reminded me of this morning, and I thought it might amuse some of you to hear about my exercise class this morning…well, just the gym in general.  A bit of background info…Stephanie Fletcher and I have joined a Gold’s Gym here near our houses.  I began going a little while before she moved here, but I was only brave enough to try one cycling class alone before she started going with me.  I witnessed many classes through the glass windows while riding the stationary bike, and to be 100% honest, I was not sure I EVER wanted to look the way some of those women looked trying to mix latin dance and exercise.  It was sad, folks.  Some of the most passionate class members seemed to fall JUST short of “good at dancing/exercising”, and it was more of a show than anything.  A great time waster as I sat on the exercise bike.  Anyway…not the point.  Steph’s much more adventurous than I am when it comes to exercise classes.  I’m like a…”go in, do my thing, don’t talk to anyone unless they ask how many reps I have left on a certain machine, and leave with a smile for the front desk girl” kind of gym person.  Anyway, Steph isn’t.  She pushes me to do things I would never do alone.  BUT…I will say, I did attend a class this morning on my own even though she wasn’t with me, and I survived.  First of all, SPANDEX is a key word for you to remember in order to get the correct picture of what I see every time I go to the gym.  Basically, I am the ONLY woman (minus steph on occasions) that EVER wears a t-shirt to exercise in, and the only reason I have pants tight enough to fit in there is because Justin bought me some way cute spandex-y type Addidas workout capris BEFORE Corban was born, and they are just too tight on me now.  So, I already stick out like a sore thumb due to my work out attire (well, unless all of my other pants are dirty and I have to wear my too tight pants on any given day…then, I fit in).  Anyway, we’ve tried many different classes, and they all have their own unique twist…even if they are labeled the same thing.  We can never really be sure of what we’re in for each time we show up for a class…even if we’ve been there before.  It keeps our workouts interesting.  No matter what the class is, it ALWAYS has a “Latin twist” to it.  Like…shaking your hips, dancing, shaking your hips, and did I mention shaking your hips?  Everything’s just a little more wild.  Fun, but wild (side note…honestly, this is another story in an of itself…but, one time, we had a substitute teacher, and by the end of the class, HE had all of us – women – holding our steps up and doing moves that make me blush just writing about…yeah…I was basically DYING laughing with steph by the end of that one!  real mature…i know).  SO…one of the teachers is really cool and is great at teaching her classes, and we attend hers almost weekly.  Today, as we were shaking our hips up on our steps (surprise, surprise), she yells to the entire class…”WOOOOHOOOOO, MIRA (look!) AL-EE-SON FROM DE U-S-A!!”  WHOA…UH…”PLEASE…DON’T LOOK!  Thank you!”  I was BUTCHERING the moves at that moment, and I REALLY could have done without the shout out from the teacher…especially on the day Steph wasn’t there.  Great…thanks, Steph! (hah)  There were 60 yr olds in the class with better moves than me.  Sad, Sad.  I will say, following along in Spanish can be a bit misleading at times.

So, now you have somewhat of an idea of what my gym experiences are like here.  If you ever come and visit me, it would be a good place for you to visit for some great cultural lessons.  So, keep that in mind…haha.


4 responses to “Time Gets Away From Me…

  1. Wow, lots of info, but I love it. 🙂 I am loving the princess stage. Ana would love to come play ANY day if it involves dress-up. Corban is such a cutie. And that baby picture of you… wow. That is all I can say… wow.
    Love the exercise class story. The fact that my almost 3 year old daughter has learned how to dance with her hips tells me a little something about this culture and dancing–start ’em young!

  2. So I can totally relate to the gym class stories. My aerobics teacher is named “Oso” and if you don’t do the move right he very awkwardly puts his hands on your body to help you out. I tell Sean I feel violated every time and therefore try VERY HARD to do all the motions with 100% accuracy.
    Lindsey McCann

  3. Man, what a beautiful boy. He is so pretty. haha And you are right, my jaw dropped when I saw how much he looks like you.
    Cailyn’s personality is ever developing…who knew you would have a girly girl!

  4. as the head of our clan i want to draw your attention to the picture of alison eating in the high chair; NOTICE how the adult arm is being used to hold alison’s hands down so she would grab or knock the food off the spoon! i find this quite humorous as a grandparent seeing what bundles of energy you two have been given. for justin – deal with it!

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