Pushing the Limits

That’s how I would describe Corban’s actions lately.  No, he’s not stubborn and hard to deal with…he’s MOVING!  The other day he had made his way nearly out our back door to the yard after being left on the living room carpet, and I heard Cailyn say to him, “Torbsies (all of her hard “C” sounds are a “T” these days), don’t trawl off the tarpet!”  Even she knows we’re NOT ready for this! 🙂

So, no more leaving plastic bags on the ground.  Or several other things for that matter.

Oh, and we can’t use this for his chair when he eats anymore…surely you can see why.  In fact, he’s close to being able to flip that thing right over.

He is using the Fisher Price Booster Seat my grandparents got us when Cailyn was born.  I LOVE it.  It was a “MUST put on the boat” item when packing our things that we shipped here.  It is much better, because he can’t really move around.

He’s nearly 6 months (on the 23rd), and it just blows my mind…honestly.  I sort of keep track of time by events in my life.  So, the next event is my sister, Hannah’s, wedding on May 15th (which we bought our plane tickets for today!!).  Then, Cailyn turns 3 just a few weeks later…what?!  THEN…oh my goodness…CORBAN WILL BE ONE!  That is just not right.  Ok…moving away from that thought. 😉

Cailyn is just so sweet to Corban these days.  She worked through her rough patch of hitting him on occasion for our attention.  It was frustrating, but I think she moved on rather quickly.  She seems to understand that both she and Corban have roles in our family, so she has less of a need to act out toward him now.  Tonight while we were driving them to the Davidson’s house (thanks to them for babysitting so we could celebrate our love for Valentine’s Day this evening!) I heard her saying to him “Well, HIIIII Bubsters!”  I love hearing her talk to and entertain him in the car.

He is finally giving me some relief at night.  He continues to wake up some nights in the week before we are even in bed, but we tend to be able to give him his paci and he falls back to sleep quickly.  Then, he is out till between 4-6am.  It’s nice that he is finally doing that.  If he does wake up otherwise, we’ve begun to let him cry it out.  He’s not a ferocious crier like Cailyn was is.  Man, she would give us a run for our money, and she still does at times.  He is more of a whiner.  I can deal with that…in fact, I can sometimes even sleep through the sounds coming through the monitor.  Praise Jesus!

Cailyn has enjoyed our upgrade in pools.  We decided we needed a bit more room for when we had friends over.  So, here she is enjoying it…solo…but enjoying it nonetheless.  I’ve even gotten in with her once before.  It’s roomy. 🙂

I decided we’re definitely becoming that “live near the beach” family.  I realized we own a lot of sunscreen this afternoon as I was cleaning out the kids’ bag.

Oddly enough, that is something we hope to buy when we get to the States for my sister’s wedding.  It is so expensive here.  I mean, I know sunscreen is generally expensive, but the other day I almost had to pay $20 just to get a small to medium sized tube of the stuff.  That’s too expensive.  I ended up buying some Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen, and Corban got a free hat to wear.  It’s a bit big, but I thought he looked so cute.  Cheesy, but cute.

Speaking of sunscreen, we went to the pool a couple of weeks ago, and somehow…I didn’t get this spot… (p.s.-this is after being in the pool and then napping…i know…she’s got the frazzled look for sure)

Poor thing…I know.  I = Bad mom that day.

She healed fairly quickly, and now I nearly blind her because I put so much sunscreen around her eyes.  It works out better that way.

I’ve been able to tell that the kids are interacting a bit more these days, and it is so fun to watch.  Corban just loves it when Cailyn gives him attention, and I am quickly seeing how being a second child (or 3rd, 4th, or 5th for that matter) means you experience many different things at such different points in your life than the oldest child.  This, for instance, is one of them…

Cailyn never sat and watched movies like “Little Einsteins” when she was just under 6 months old…

I had to finish getting ready for the day.  He’s just happy to be with his sister. 🙂

Cailyn was also never given metal slinky toys to use as a teether…

He loves our slinky.

I can tell that it takes much intentionality to enjoy some of the same, simple moments with child #2 as you did with child #1.  At least for me.  It just seems like all you did with #1 was watch their every move and document it in some way, but you don’t have the same luxury of time once #2 gets here.  It’s different, but I am learning that it can still be special in a new way.  I try and relish those moments when it’s just me and Corban.  Precious time for sure.

But…I also absolutely love my one-on-one time with Cailyn.  She is really something else.  We were making a Valentine’s photo frame the other day, and I told her to hold it up and smile.  I don’t know if any of you blog readers remember, but she is usually HORRIBLE at smiling for the camera.

uh…remember our 2 yr. photo shoot…

yes, folks.  It’s all about attitude.

It is honestly a rare moment when we get a good smile from her after saying, “OK…smile at the camera!!”  Oh well.  I’ve come to live with it.  Anyway, I was asking her to smile with her frame that she made, and this is what I got.

I wasn’t meaning to, but I began to get a bit frustrated after this, because I kept trying to explain S.M.I.L.E.  She wasn’t getting it.  This time, I thought for sure it wasn’t because she just didn’t want to.  She honestly looked confused.  So, then I began to smile really big and pointed my finger at the corner of my lips to exaggerate what I was trying to get her to do (and, yes, I was talking in a frustrated tone…immature..i know).  Then, she agreed to do it, so I held up the camera and said, “OK, SMILE!”

This is what I got.


Anyway, we still love her. haha.

Praying you all feel especially L.O.V.E.D. tomorrow!


6 responses to “Pushing the Limits

  1. LOL! I love the picture of Cailyn smiling with her finger at her lips… and such a cute story, too. It may have been frustrating to you, but it is great to read about 🙂

  2. I LOVE your stories! Especially the ones about Cailyn because I have a feeling our Micah will be somewhat similar in personality! She has got some spunk 🙂 We need to skype soon!!! Love you and your precious family!

  3. So sweet! As you write, I can just image those big sister/little brother moments! Praying blessings for your family right now!

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